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Electric Quilt Support Products. Speed up your learning curve and design time!



Sew Precise!
Stand Alone Paper Pieceing Blocks only program by Electric Quilt Company
For Windows 95 or >, Will run on any MAC that runs Virtual PC for Windows

Review click here

More Electric Quilt Software & Books click here

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click here More Quilt, Embroidery, Instructional & More

NOTE: Opened Music, Pattern & Instructional CDs, DVDs, Videos, Computer Software are NOT returnable.
Exclusions: 1. If defective, the item will be replaced. 2. If UNOPENED in original sealed and undamaged case or box, the item may be returned for a refund.

Sold Out

Collection 4:
Donna McDade Designs
(800 blocks)

Developer: Electric Quilt Company
Item Code: e03

NOTE: All Sew Precise Blocks can be added to Electric Quilt

Do you want to get more patterns than you would in a book and you don't even have to draw them, just print them out to your size. CDs includes construction techniques, pictures and more

more info here on Foundation Piecing Printer and Copier Sheets

Foundation Printer Paper Carol Doak Foundation Paper
Simple Foundation
EQ Printable Foundation Fundation Sheets

Sampler Package
5 Different Types
Blank Foundation Paper Piecing Sheets
Each is 8.5" x 11"

Try out all our paper piecing products that work with printer, copier or light box

  1. Paper for Foundation Piecing by That Patchwork Place (100 sheets)
  2. Carol Doak's Foundation Paper (100 sheets)
  3. Simple Foundation (30 sheets)
  4. EQ Printable Foundation Papers (25 sheets)
  5. Fun-dation (25 sheets)
Item Code: P00
Weight: lb
15% Off: $
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more info here on Foundation Piecing Printer and Copier Sheets

By Sharla Hicks ©

Sew Precise! Review by Sharla Hicks © 1998

NOTE: All Sew Precise Blocks can be added to Electric Quilt.

SEW PRECISE! is a Block Library Program only (no drawing tools). Paper piecing (foundation piecing) has now gotten even simpler! This little program also includes the option to open your favorite Internet browser directly from SEW PRECISE!

Sew Precise Graphic

Preveiw screen from collection 1 showing how all programs will work.

When the programs opens to a Split window with Files listed on one side and the Pictures of the selected library blocks on the other.

The Print Screen includes choices for printing a foundation block like Mirror (for iron on), Print Grayscale (for color coding), Print Dashed Lines, Print Numbers, Select number of copies to print, and the choice to print as many as fit to a page, and prints across multiple pages for larger blocks.

One of the most often questions I get is, "Does the program tell me how to create/make/sew the block?" Well folks, Sewing Help has arrived in Software! Foundation Factory has Help Sewing Files that include hints and tips for sewing and construction of a large range of styles of paper piecing including regular block, multiple unit block, and curved block piecing. The graphics include color photographs of actual block construction which are very descriptive.

Sew Precise! Operations

SEW PRECISE! runs in the standard Windows Format that we all are getting used to. It has 3 screens, the Main Block Selection/View Screen, the Print Screen, Print Overview Screen and uses the standard Help Files/How-to Dialogue Box.

Menus and Toolbars

The built-in simplicity of SEW PRECISE! translates over to the Menu and Toolbars. The View Block screen uses only 3 top menu items: an abbreviated File Menu, View Menu (for adding or removing toolbar and status line) and a Help Menu. Included are Button Graphics that let you Go On-line, or directly to the Print screen, Help Files or How-to Instructions included with this little program. The Graphics for the Toolbar and the Buttons can be reformated with SEW PRECISE!'s 10 fabric choices or 6 buttons -- this is a really fun little addition!

Draw Tools

No drawing tools. This is strickly a block file program.

Learning Sew Precise!

Simple and easy-to-use is the foundation (no pun intended) of SEW PRECISE! and learning it is no exception, instinct will lead the user and easy-to-use Help will answer any questions. There is no manual included with program. SEW PRECISE!'s extensive and well created Help and How-To (for sewing) Files replace the manual. The Help and How-to files use the familiar Windows help dialogue box that Windows users are used to. The Help and How-To files are rich with Contents, How-to for the program, Frequently Asked Questions, and How-to for sewing foundation blocks, multiple Unit Foundation Blocks and Curved Blocks!

Sew Precise! CD's include: Help and How-to Files that act as an on-line manual


Sew Precise: Collection 4: Over 800 Donna McDade Designs

Software containing over 800 foundation patterns to print in any size. Includes dogs, dinosaurs, musical instruments, stained glass, etc. All patterns can be used alone or in EQ4.

  • Animals: Hen, Rooster, Longhorn Steer, Pig, Rabbit, Horse, Swordfish, Dolphin, Armadillo, Mallard Duck, Turkey, Butterflies, and more.

  • Dogs: Dachshund, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Irish Setter, Lab, Newfoundland, Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, and many more.

  • Cats: Balinese, Persian, Rex, Birman, Colorpoint Himilayan, Siamese, and many more.

  • Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Pteranodon, Brachiasaurus, and more.! Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Pteranodon, Brachiasaurus, and more.

  • Flowers: Iris, Carnation, Clover, Calla Lily, Crocus, Poppy, Aster, Rose, Rosebud, Water Lily, Daffodil, and more.
  • Holidays: Easter, Halloween, Hanukah, Christmas, Fourth of July, and Valentine's Day.

  • Novelty: Sewing, Food, Maps of the U.S., Musical Instruments, Shoes, Vacations, Weddings, Houses, and more.
  • School Days: Crayon, Pencil, Graduation cap, Dunce cap, School Houses, ABC's, US map, Apple, Chalkboard, and more.

  • Stainglass: 1/4 Blocks, Crazy Quilt, Flower Blocks, Flower Centers, Hearts, and Traditional Stained Glass Blocks ... all in 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" leading sizes.

  • Story Book: Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and other story book blocks.

  • Tools: Jig saw, Needlenose Pliers, Wrench, Putty Knife, Caulk, Ladder, Tape Measurer, Hammer, etc.

  • more info here on Foundation Piecing Printer and Copier Sheets


Sew Precise: Collection 3:

Collection of over 600 Shirley Liby blocks contains all of the patterns from her four best-selling books: Paper Piecing Patterns, More Paper Piecing Patterns, and Even More Paper Piecing Patterns. Plus: 100 new designs following her most popular themes.

This collection is picture & theme oriented:

  • Paper Pieced A,B,C's and 1,2,3's

  • Light house and landscapes: Lighthouses & Landscapes! Landscapes with mountains, trees, water, sunsets, lighthouses with beacons, cliffs, sea, and side-houses.

  • Noah's Ark: Noah, Bear, Pig, Giraffe, Alligator, Cow, Moose, Kangaroo, Camel, Elephant, Buffalo, Ox, Llama, Hippo, Rhino, Lion, Sheep, Lion, and Polar Bear.

  • Hats: Sombrero, Derby, Top Hat, Fireman's Hat, Roman Helmet, King's Crown, Coonskin Cap, Army Hat, Graduate Mortar Board, Chef's Hat, Royal Canadian Mountie Hat, Pith Helmet, Turban, Baseball Cap, French Foreign Legion Hat, Night Cap, Drum Major Hat, Sailor Cap, Football Helmet, and Straw Hat.

  • Baby Things: Baby bottles, Safety Pins, Baby Buggy, Baby Rattles, Alphabet, and Numbers.

  • Cookie Kids: Mix and Match Paper Doll Heads and Clothes: Pinafore, Jumper, Shorts & Shirt, Apron Dress, and Gingerbread Cookies.

  • Boats: Sailboats, Cruise Ship, Titanic, Viking Ship, and Sailing Ship.

  • Birds: Owls, Flamingo, Pelican, Heron, Turkey, Seagull, Duck, Goose, Swan, and Birdhouses

  • Antique & Modern Cars and Trucks: School Busses, Pickup Trucks, Beetle, Van, and Semi.

  • Butterflies: Moths, Dragon Flies, plus Flowers, Leaves, and Flower Pots.

  • Fruits & Vegetables: Onion, Turnip, Peach, Pear, Peas, Corn, Beet, Green Pepper, Radish, Apple, Tomato, Eggplant, Strawberry, Celery, Leek, Green Onion, Carrot, and Lemon.

  • Ribbons and Bows of all shapes and sizes. For borders and more.

  • more info here on Foundation Piecing Printer and Copier Sheets


Sew Precise: Collection 1 & 2: NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT


1100+ foundation block patterns to print in any size.

Order Sew Precise and get 730+ "New Inspirations" blocks plus: 370+ traditional "Old Favorites" blocks included FREE with Sew Precise!; Plus over 100 curved foundation blocks. All blocks are compatible with EQ4 and can be used in EQ4 for designing quilts.

    Collection 1: Old traditional favorites like Diamond in the Square, Flea Market, Start in the Center or Side, and X blocks.

    Collection 2:
    New or new variations of common styles like alphabets, animals, holiday, tools, flowers, and much more.

    Special Curved Blocks:
    Over 100 Wedding Rings, Pickle Dishes, Fans, Wheels, Compasses, Starbursts. Get perfect points every time foundation piecing these curved blocks following our special instructions.

  • Old Favorites: Hundreds of traditional favorites including Pineapples, Log Cabins, Wild Goose Chase, Twists, Kaleidoscopes, Windmills, and Stars.

    Realistic Blocks
    : Including Baskets, Birdhouses, Cars, Cakes, Candles, Coffee & Tea, Fans, Flowers, Gifts, Hearts, Hot Air Balloons, Houses, Kites, Leaves, Trains, Trees, and Trucks.

    Easter Baskets & Eggs, Chick, Bunny, Halloween Jack-o'-Lanterns, Witch, Dracula, Bat, Black Cat, Ghost, Candy Apple, Corn Candy, Christmas Trees, Stockings, Holly, Stars, Angels, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Snowmen, Shamrocks, Menorah, Thanksgiving Turkey, Pilgrim Hat, Corn Stalk, and Flags.

    Noah's Ark, Mallard, Dog, Cats, Mouse, Robin, Sparrow, Swan, Dove, Hen, Rooster, Goose, Woodpecker, Lion, Elephant, and Shark.

    Football Helmets, Football Jerseys, Footballs, Goal Post, 50 Yard Line, Basketball, Basketball Jersey, Basketball Hoop, Referee Shirt, Baseball, Bats & Balls, Baseball Diamond, Home Plate, Bowling Pin, and Trophies.

Computer System Requirements:

  • Windows 95
  • 16 MB RAM recommended
  • Requires 8 MB hard disk space
  • SVGA monitor/display card 256
  • Comes on CD, CD-ROM drive required
  • (3 1/2" floppy disks available upon request for an additional $5.00)
  • Import fabric and color palettes from EQ.
  • Manual with program instructions.

Program Comparison Chart....

We also carry Foundation Piecing Printer and copier sheets

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Notions for Paper Piecing

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That Patchwork Place

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Quilt and Tear on a Roll
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Multipurpose Stabilizer
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30 Sheets
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Brenda Henning's Books & CD for Mariners Compass

Triangulations 2.0
Triangulations 4.0

Half & Quarter Square Triangles
& Tamed Geese
Prints w/ Adobe Acrobat

more info here Electric Quilt Resources: Reviews, How-to information, articles by expert users of EQ, and more

Electric Quilt Company

Flagship Software Programs

& Colorfast Printer Fabric

Color Fast Printer Fabric
& Save $'s Packages
EQ Printables sampler package
EQ Printable
Colorfast Printer
Fabric: multiple wght/sizes
Electric Quilt 7  aka EQ7
See Videso about how to use EQ7
Electric Quilt 7
EQ7 Ugrade

Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
Excellent for the
New to Computer Quilter
Quilt Design Wizard
Quilt Design Wizard

Quiltmaker Magazine
Quilting Designs on CD

Stand Alone & Compatiable with EQ

Add the blocks and designs to Electric Quilt Software from these these CDs

• color them with thread
• set them into quilt layouts
• edit and combine parts to make new designs
• the Quiltmaker Library links automatically to your Electric Quilt Block Library

Stand Alone EQ Software
Quiltmaker Collection Vol 1
Quilting Designs
The Quiltmaker Collection

EQ Libary Blocks
or Design CDs

requires EQ5 or >
My Dream House
My Dream House

fused or needle-turn appliqu3

Book & or Software
Dear Jane
Stand Alone
Dear Jane Design Software
Predesigned quilts, you can recolor, or work from scratch using Dear Jane's extensive libraries of layouts, blocks, and fabrics

EQ Libary Blocks
or Design CDs

Stand Alone Software
Quilters Newsletter Best of 2007
Quilters Newsletter

The Best of 2007

40% off
Stitched with Love

Stitched with Love

By Robyn Pandolph
Book with Folk Art theme
Includes Design CD

EQ Printables
EQ Printables
Foundation Sheets

Golden Threads Quilting Paper
Golden Threads
Quilting Paper

More for EQ: Blocks, Books, Fabrics & Foundation Sheets

Foundation Sheets
EQ Printables
Foundation Sheets

25 Sheets
**EQ5 or > Required
EQ's Kaleidoscope Collection
Kaleidoscope Collection
Designed by Andrea Bishop
Blocks to Print

20% off
Karen Stone Quilts
New York Beauty
Karen Stone Quilts

11 popular designs + 2 new

Stash Fall 2002
Electric Quilts Stash CDs

Spring & Fall Release of Fabric Collections in bitmap format

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