Stitched with Love is the first book in the Electric Quilt Magic Book™ series. This is the best of both worlds, a QUILT BOOK and an interactive DESIGN CD-ROM that runs using Windows 95/98/00/2000/XP/NT4.


Stitched with Love
A Mother's Quilting Legacy
by Robyn Pandolph

8 1/2" x 11"
96 pages full color

Magic Book™ Series by Electric Quilt includes interactive Design CD for PC computers for Windows 95/NT/00/ME

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Robyn Pandolph is a quilting teacher, fabric designer and owner of Cabin Fever Designs, a quilt pattern company. Her fabric lines for Moda include Folk Art Wedding and Hannah's Garden. Robyn lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Review by Sharla Hicks © 2000

The first thing that struck me as I looked closely at Stitched with Love, A Mother's Quilting Heritage by Robyn Pandolph was how dramatically Robyn's connections with our beloved handiwork heritage comes across in each page. Robyn shares her connection to her mother and grandmother legacy of quiltmaking and her desire to share this same love with others. Feeling much the same way, I felt an instant repore with the author and was anxious to see what she had to offer. For me, the well staged photography presentation and engaging colors guided me on to each new each page and chapter. Soft colors take you to the Introduction and Table of Contents where you get to know Robyn better and you know where her inspiration for designs and fabrics comes from.

This book is a multifaceted of presentation in both the written word and on a multimedia Design CD. "Stitched with Love" is the first book in the Magic Book Series planned by Electric Quilt. You will find 9 quilts and coordinate inspired wearables, craft and home decorating projects presented.

The Printed Word aka Book:

This book has a little of everything and includes 15 of Robyn's enchanting folk art applique projects. (See table of contents for additional details.)

  • Each chapter is lovingly introduced to inspire you continue on the legacy of quiltmaking.
  • Robyn lays out instructions for 9 quilt with fabric requirements, cutting charts and assembly instructions.
  • Each quilt has a series of coordinate projects quilted curtains, decor items like pillows, floor cloths, picture frames, cozy covers, gift tags, labels, tea trays, table cloth, invitations, embellishing back packs, and wearable art.
  • Each project has required supplies, construction steps and tips for successful completion.
  • Find a surprise or two as Robyn tells you how to bleach or overdye your fabrics to get a more vintage look.
  • She even includes a recipe or two with mouth watering photography that makes you want to stop on the spot and try them.
  • To print the patterns go to the Design CD.

The Getting Started Chapter guides you through techniques with the written instructions and diagrams. Find instructions for:

Applique Tips for Beginners
Needle Turn Applique techniques
Adding Dimension
Bias Tubing

Choosing Fabric
Bleaching and Overdyeing for the Vintage look

The Design CD:

  • Watch 11 Video Demonstrations as Robyn instructing you on techniques for needleturn applique. Watch all the tips and tricks you need for SUCCESSFUL needleturn applique.


Video Demonstrations

Meet Robyn
Supplies for Applique
Tracing patterns and Cutting Fabric

Stitching Basics
Clipping Points and Tips
Stitching Inside Points
Appliquéing Narrow Points

Appliquéing Multiple Designs
Overlaying Designs
Appliquéing Narrow Points
Appliquéing Multiple Designs
Appliquéing Tight Inner Curves
Reverse Applique
Making Bias Tubing

  • The minimum system requirements for the Windows Media Player are:
      • Windows 95 or higher Pentium 90 MHz
      • 16 MB of RAM
      • 16-color display card
      • 16-bit sound card
      • 28.8 baud modem (optional for local playback)s
  • Print patterns for quilt and projects to the sizes outlined in the book.
  • Recolor each quilt project using four different groupings of Robin's own fabrics. (See variations to the snowmen below to show you some of the variations possible.

  • Several Size Options available for each quilt and project on the CD. Each project has its own variations. (See below examples.)

  • Each quilt has several border and sash variations. (See above examples.)
  • Each project can be opened directly in Electric Quilt 4 and modified in anyway desired. For owners of Electric Quilt, this allows even greater flexibility for each project. For more information about Electric Quilt, click here
Table of Contents:
9 Introductions
11 Needleturn Hand Applique

Chapter 1: Treasures for Babies and Toddler
26 "Sweet Dreams" Baby Quilt
29 "Sweet Dreams" Floorcloth
30 Fusible Web Applique
32 Stars & Crescents Curtains
34 Framing Blocks

Chapter Two: Childhood Holiday Memories
38 "Abundant Earth" (Easter Quilt)
42 "Abundant Earth" Pillows
48 "Fall Festival" (Halloween) Quilt
51 Parchment Luminaries
54 "Thanksgiving with Friends" Quilt
58 "Winter's Sentry" (Christmas) Quilt
61 Holiday Windows Clings
63 Victorian Salt Clay Icicles

Chapter Three: Celebrating Growing Up
68 "Teatime in the Garden" Quilt
71 Bud Vase Chair Slipcovers
72 Teatime Tablecloth
73 Teatime Invitations
74 Teacup Sugar Cookie
75 Teatime Sandwich Loaf
77 Painted Garden Pots

Chapter Four: New Beginnings
82 "Blessed Union" Quilt
86 "Blessed Union" Pillow
88 "A Day to Remember" Wall Quilt
91 Fabric Finches
92 "Guardian of Love" Wall Quilt

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