Check out our discounted price for QuiltSOFT. It is a quilt software that comes with all the features that quilters are looking with some nifty automatic quilt layouts features and an automatic add sash and/or border for traditional quilts. For more details and support products, go to the review below.


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QuiltSOFT 6 for Windows

Runs on Windows: 98, ME, XP, 2000, NT
Our Price: $41.95
MRSP: $49.00

New in QuiltSOFT 6:

  • Print larger Blocks and Templates on larger size paper.
  • New Group Feature ... Now you can create groups of blocks and make changes to all of them at once!
  • Zoom up to 500% now!
  • Import and Export single quilts from your Libraries.
  • Import and Export single blocks from your Libraries.
  • Now includes block libraries from Marsh McCloskey and Beckie Olson. A savings of $20!
  • New grid/snap for creating blocks (eighth snap).
  • Change the grid and line color when designing your blocks.
  • New trace feature for importing blocks. Scan blocks, then trace them to save into your library.
  • Now you can import enhanced meta files to use as blocks!
  • Download fabrics from the Internet to use in your quilts!

QuiltSOFT screenFormerly known as Quilter's Design Studio, the now named QuiltSOFT upgrade has some new additions and improvements.

QuiltSOFT 4 improvements were:

  • Painting and resize have been streamlined into very easy-to-use tools.
  • New features include a separate Fabric Palette and an eyedropper tool for picking up color from an already painted patch.
  • Additional Load method for blocks from the block library.
  • This program has some nifty automatic quilt layouts features and an automatic add sash and/or border for traditional quilts.
  • The best fix of the upgrade has eliminated the too many blocks problem associated with the quilt arrays (automatic quilt layouts).
  • QuiltSOFT calculates yardage and prints templates. Included is an innovative Gradient Palette Maker that makes hand-dyed Gradation Palettes.
  • Resizing capabilities and easy coloring can add flare to innovative quilts.


Open QuiltSOFT's Block Library in two ways: (1) A multiple-blocks-preview screen organized by patch style OR (2) A Load Block dialogue box with a single-block preview. All items (blocks, borders and sashes) come from the library as one unit. QuiltSOFT has two main working screens: Work Area and Create Block. The Work Area is used to build quilts using blocks from the block library and the Edit menu tools or the Quilt Arrays options. The screen allows multiple units/blocks to be moved, one unit/block resized at a time and individual patches painted. Access more work space in the Work Area by using the arrows at the bottom or side of the screen. Zoom enlarges the screen. The Create Block screen is used to draw and save blocks to block libraries and has NO coloring options. Program files can be exported through the Windows Clipboard using Capture.

Menus and Toolbars

QuiltSOFT uses drop-down menus that open dialogues boxes and extra pop-to-side menus. The Transformation menu uses several Side menus for rotation, sash, border, and coloring options. It is optional to have Color or Fabric Palettes on or off the screens to open up work space. The Edit menu (undo, cut, copy, paste) is available to both Create Block and Work Area. The Edit menu (cut, copy, paste, delete, select all) is available to the Work Area screen to build quilts and to the Create Block screen to aide in drawing a block. To help organize projects, use the ability to create additional Libraries (palettes, blocks and/or quilts) for the individual palettes, blocks or quilts.

Draw Tools

Available to Create Block screen only: square, circle, circle, line, and curve/arc. Block can be drawn with geometric shapes or using applique layering. In Create Block, 4 Mirror/Copy tools speed up drawing symmetrical blocks. Use the Edit menu (cut, copy, paste, delete, select all), snap-to-grid and several variable grid options as aides when drawing a block in Create Block or building a quilt in the Work Area. Paint tools are available to Work Area only.


It takes poking around, using the window help files, to get started, but once the learning process and the logic of the organization is understood the program becomes very manageable. Make sure your print out all the program helps files for easier reading when learning the program.

QuiltSOFT comes with:

  • Comes on CD
  • Block library: (300+) blocks, (9) border & sash.
  • Quilt library: (20 quilts).
  • 8 Color Palettes with 64 colors. Can edit colors in color palettes.
  • 1 Fabric Palette with 32 Fabrics.
  • 1 Pattern palette with 150 pattern/ texture.
  • Additional fabrics available on CD.
  • NOTE: Can add additional Libraries for blocks, quilts, and color palettes and add individual blocks, quilts, and color palettes to Libraries.
  • Help files and manual on the CD