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Block Factory CDs

Block Factory Review by Sharla Hicks: It is easy to print blocks and templates to any size

  1. Quilter's Newsletter Magazine CD that includes Block Factory to print out blocks from last 5 years and 170 projects and articles.
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QNM CD package


Quilter's Newsletter Magazine on CD
Over 170 projects from the last 5 years (1995-2000) available now at your finger tips on CD!

View articles on any MAC or PC. Using Quilt-Pro's Block Factory technology, PC users and Mac users with Virtual PC can print any size block and templates from the projects

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Block Factory Review

by Sharla Hicks © 2000

The Block Factory CDs (KC Star Quilts, Mariner Compass, and Quilter Newsletter CD) are stand alone block library programs (no drawing tools) that are designed to print blocks and foundation paper piecing blocks quickly and easily.

If you own Quilt-Pro, you may select the option to add the blocks to your Quilt-Pro block library when you install a Block Factory CD to your hard drive.


Simple, everything you need is on one screen. Clicking on self-explanatory menus, buttons and blocks leads you to the next step.

Four simple steps and you are ready to start selecting fabric and piecing!

  1. Use the block menu (to the left).
  2. Click on the selected category and the blocks appear in the right frame.

  3. Select the block to print. Block highlights in blue.
  4. Select your print options by selecting one of three buttons: Templates, Foundation or Print.

Print options found in Block Factory.

Quilt-Pro has created an easy interface for printing. There are three ways to bring up the print screen: Select one of three button, Templates, Foundation, or Print. Selecting the Print button, automatically selects the print option the program thinks is best for the block. You can print any size block by changing the print size.


Fig. 1

All the blocks can be printed with templates.

Identifying Foundation Blocks (paper piecing) for paper piecing printouts.

  • Foundation Piecing Block Indicator: The Foundation button stays the same color as the other buttons (see Fig. 1.)
  • NOT a Foundation Piecing Block: The foundation button grays out (see Fig 2.)
Fig. 2


Below are examples of the Apple Leaf Block using the template and foundation piecing printing wizards.

Print Foundation Block Wizard
for Apple Leaf Block

  • The foundation wizard allows you to select:

  • Example of number foundation printout.

Print Template Wizard
for Apple Leaf Block

  • The program automatically selects only 1 of duplicate templates, (see red templates above. Only the red templates will print.
  • Optional: You may select any or all the templates you wish to print.
  • The blocks are drawn square, but you have the option to create rectangle blocks by removing the Keep Proportion check and adjusting the Height and Width.



  • Block Factory Computer requirements:

  • 8 MB RAM
  • 25 MB available disk space (can run program from CD to save space)
  • Mouse or other pointing device (pen)
  • High color or true color video recommended.

Block Factory Releases:

  • Mariners Compass 2 Mariners Compass 1 Mariner's Compass Editions Volume 1 and Volume 2, more info here