Repligator and Gliftic are for innovative quilters.


From the maker of Repligator, the 1999 winner of the Best Graphic Shareware Industry Award, comes a new program called Gliftic. Gliftic is a software that produces designs that would make great ideas for fabric, quilts, wallpaper, and more all with a few simple keystrokes. Check out Gliftic using the demo available, your quilts will never be the same!

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Gliftic the Ultimate in Design and Idea Generation

No longer Available at Soft Expressions. Go to

The information and pictures below are used with permission from Owen Ransen, the program developer for Gliftic and Ripligator.

Gliftic kick-starts your graphics imagination! And you do not need to be a computer whiz-kid. Think of Gliftic as a tireless helper for your visual fantasy (who also does the drawing for you!). You do not have to do anything except click the buttons. Use your visual eye and decide which image you want to take off with and away you gooooo! Create design placement ideas, generate frames for quilt labels, stationary, flyers, create fabric ready for printing directly on real cloth, create fabric bitmaps for quilting software, develop background images for website and so much more.

Easy Automatic Seamless Tiling

Test drive Gliftic for new and creative images, if you like a Gliftic generated image then you can make it into a seamless repeatable tile simply by clicking the "Tiling On" button! These images are then ready to print as label frames, on cloth or save as bitmaps to the fabric libraries of your favorite quilting software. (Hint to make your Inkjet printout permanent, use Bubble Jet Set 2000 or print on June Tailor Colorfast Printer Fabric)

Click on each image to see Gliftic generated images that visually wonderful and easily used by quilters for inspiration and more.

Arabesque Tle Gliftic and Photo Impact Brown Leaf Tile

Here is an example of how an image becomes tiled:

First image.

With tiling switched on. Note how the top/bottom and left/right sides connect up perfectly.

Below is a view of the central tile plus a bit of the 8 external tiles:

Here is are how 9 (3x3) tiles would look:

Talk about a fast way to create unique fabric or design idea!

No Tiling

A bit more than one tile

One tile

Here are tiled images that can become fabrics


gliftic example gliftic example gliftic example
gliftic example gliftic example gliftic example gliftic example

gliftic example gliftic example


Frames created with Gliftic

The following frames were created using Gliftic, some of them have been edited (with fills or photographs) using Paint Shop Pro.

Check out the Frames and see how easily they can become appliqué borders for quilts

The following image was created by Judith Johnston, (frame created with Gliftic)

Judith Johnston

And here is a photo placed inside a Gliftic frame (Using Paint Shop Pro):

Wedding Frame

Create Quilt Label Frames Arabesque Frame

Ess Disk FrameArabesque Frame 2


Gliftic and Quilting

Since Gliftic is so easy to use it is ideal for quilters who are maybe beginners in computers and computer graphics.

Delight the visual sense of your friends and family with the fresh designs and color combinations which Gliftic suggests.

Below is an quilt design created by Judith Johnston using Gliftic.

Gliftic Dream Quilt

Gliftic Fan Quilt - Judith Johnston"The border on the right and bottom is a Provincial fabric from one of Electric Quilt's Stash CDs. I used it to generate tiles in Gliftic using the Colors From Image mode. I then imported the tiles into EQ to use as fill for the quilt block.

The background tile was also done in Gliftic. Blue, mauve, orange, yellow, red are the predominant colors. Makes you think you're in France, huh?

Neat program, the permutations are incredible, I made about 170 tiles and kept about 35. Fascinating".

-Judith Johnston To the right is another one of Judith's quilt designs which use Gliftic

No longer Available at Soft Expressions. Go to