Quakertown Quilts Screen Saver: featuring 40 Quakertown Quilts


Sorry, we no longer carry this program. The following Screen Savers are in our store.



Quilt Saver

a screen saver by Quakertown Quilts

Our Price: $10.95
regularly $11.95


The price is right and guess what, you will find 40 quilts by your favorite Quakertown Quilts' artists: Susan H. Garman, Winnie Fleming, Sallie B. Pate, Kathy Hock and Vicki McGowen. To add icing to the cake, these patterns are available in local quilt shops. If not contact us and we will get them for you! What a treat.

Quakertown has developed this screen saver for Window 95/98/NT users for your own non-commercial enjoyment and viewing. A number of controls are available to alter the sequence and viewing settings. It is even includes security features that are passwords enabled.

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