VQuilt is feature rich and easy to use!


VQuilt is one of the best bargains in quilt software on the market, it is quilt feature rich and user friendly!

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VQuilt 2



The following review for VQuilt is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Computer Quilting Made Easy, Quick Reference Guide to 7 PC Quilting Programs by Sharla R. Hicks (copyright 1997). Book is no longer in print.

Vquilt ScreenVQuilt is rushing full steam ahead to join the big bxoys at the same low price. VQuilt has many of the editing patch/block features found in the more expensive programs. It is full of requested traditional quilting features like blocks, quilt layout, templates, and yardage calculations. Drawing tools can be used in both the block and quilt screens. The program may not have as many preview windows, blocks, or fabrics (none) as some of the other programs but it does not have the cost either. The program has a strong traditional base in its organization but the new editing tools allow more flexibility for innovation than seen in version 1.


VQuilt has two screen: Block and Quilt. Both screen have a toolbar, color palette, and work area. RGB color editing is on the Block screen at all times. Pressing the tool- bar tool buttons will access some dialogue boxes to retrieve blocks and quilts from libraries and to set up quilt layout and block size, print options and more. None of VQuilt's Libraries have previews at this time. There are previews for Print screens and the Yardage chart. VQuilt can save quilts or blocks as .pcx files for exporting as clipart.

Menus and Toolbars

VQuilt's commands are activated using the 16 tools in the two-row toolbar. Some tool buttons open dialogue boxes. In the Block screen the arrangement of the toolbar, color palette and color RGB editing tools use half of the working area. The Quilt screen has a more generous work space with the color palette taking up less space. A pop-up menu is used for flip, copy, resize and simple access to paint tool.

Draw Tools

The Quilt and Block screens use: freehand patch tool, circle/oval tool, and polygon tool (multiple points to make squares, triangles or irregular shapes). VQuilt has a true freehand drawing tool that makes those random irregular Hawaiian applique designs a snap. Rotate the block design screen, individual patches on the block design screen, or blocks in the quilt. Use right mouse activated pop-up menu for copy, cut, paste, flip, resize and paint (paint also on main toolbar). Use the manual to find the sequence of keyboard keys and toolbar tools to be used to open and use some of the pop-up menu items and other rotations options. Paint tools include RGB color editing on the screen at all times. Optional variable grid aides in drawing block.


VQuilt has built-in ease with a single toolbar with 16 graphically descriptive buttons (in most cases), so it does not take long to whiz through the different operations. The help files come on disk in a PDF format using Acrobat reader, it would be helpful to print out these pages (small manual -- not too many pages) for easier browsing to get a handle on the hidden editing functions tied to the keyboard and the trick to ending the drawing of a patch.

VQuilt comes with:

  • Block library: (90) blocks.
  • Quilt library: (16) quilts.
  • NOTE: Can add additional blocks and quilts.
  • 1 Permanent Default Palette with 16 colors.
  • No fabric palettes.
  • Can change colors in palette that save with block or quilt.
  • Program Help files are the manual
  • Small printout with quick start tips

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows: 95/98/ME
  • 286 or >
  • Ram: 640 K
  • Hard Drive Space Required: 3 MB
  • Dos Based Program that will run under Windows 3.1 or >
  • Monitor: VGA or >
  • Mouise or Pointing Device
  • Comes on 3.5" floppy Disk