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Olfa Chenille Cutter, round with no handle, 4 channel guides & turn dial

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Olfa Chenille Cutter and Replacement Blades

The ultimate, revolutionary multi-purpose Olfa Chenille Cutter not only helps you easily make your own chenille fabric, but can also cut multiple layers of fabric as well as paper, cardstock, photographs, felt, fleece, and more! This unique design is simple to use and is ideal for many of your crafting needs.

Select desired channel width size and place the Olfa Chenille Cutter vertically on the fabric. Hold the edge of the material and slide. No scissors are needed! Cut both curved and straight lines.

Free Chenille Instructions

To make your own chenille, layer 4 to 8 layers of fabric (Flannel or loosely woven cotton works best) with the brightest and boldest fabric on top. Do not prewash.

Mark a diagonal line on the bias crossing the center of this piece. Now pin baste, using the diagonal line as a guide.

Using your walking foot, stitch all layers along that line, then stitch 1/4" to 5/8" on either side (alternating sides as you go) until the entire piece is quilted.

Use the Olfa Chenelle Cutter, and cut between the lines. Square it up if necessary. Bind the edges.

To make the chenille bloom once it has been cut, throw it in the washer then the dryer. (Lint alert!)

If you like to experiment, try a wavy line or try placing a motif on the top layer.