faux woodgrain flower dill buttons

Faux Woodgrain Flower Buttons, mfg. Dill Buttons: large or small

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Dill's Polyamid Textured 3-Dimensional Buttons
Flower, Woodgrain, Zebra Stripe, Pebble, & Snake Skin Inspired Designs

Today's synthetic polyamid materials are lightweight and strong allowing the Dill Button designers to add a molded 3-Dimensional effects. The polyamid allows Dill to add curvature and texture to the base shape of the button creating unique button styles that add a fashion statement to any garment, purse and tote, or embellish a quilt, fiber art, and craft projects.

  • Dill's polyamid buttons are very sturdy and hold up well when dry cleaned or put through a washing machine.
  • Each button backside has a separate small rectangular shape to add built-in buttonhole ease.
  • Each button's two to four holes are large enough to accommodate thicker threads, yarns and fibers.
  • Perfect for the creative person. Accent by layering with our other buttons.
    • All Dill Buttons are are color coordinated so they can be mixed and matched.