all purpose ink tsukineko ink 10 green apple

10 Green Apple Tsukineko All Purpose Ink, 15ml

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Tsukineko All Purpose Inks

45 colors All Purpose Ink for Fantastix, Mfg. Tsukineko 15 ml. Ink is water-based and non-toxic, quick dry, blendable and washable. Use on fabric, wood, paper, leather, and other porous surfaces. Heat Set on fabric for permanence.

Due to its blendability, washability and versatility, this quick-drying craft ink has become a favorite among fabric artists. And because it's water-based and non-toxic, All-Purpose Ink is fun for artists of all ages. Use them with a fantastix on fabric, wood, paper, leather and other porous surfaces too. All-Purpose Ink must be heat set on fabric for permanence. Heat set between color applications to prevent bleeding. Or layer colors to achieve a blended "watercolor" effect.