12 in clearview triangle

12 inch Clearview Triangle 60 Degree Ruler with added lines for 30 and 120 degree angles.

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The Clearview Triangle for 60 shapes includes lines for 30 and 120 angles. Make Tumbling Blocks, Seven sisters, Grandmother's Flower Garden, and contemporary designs like Hollow Cube, Downtown, and many more.

Clearview 60° Triangle
Multiple sizes!

With the Clear View Triangle, 60° shapes are as versatile and simple to work with as 90°, and often add more interest to a design. Knowing a few basic shapes lets you create an infinite number of designs.

  • Perfect for 60° shapes
  • Added lines for 30° & 120°
  • Can be used to make Tumbling Blocks, Seven Sisters, Grandmothers's Flower garden, and more contemporary designs like: How Cube, Downtown and many more.