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General's MultiPastel Chalk Pencils 12 Pack

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The General's 12 Pencil Package of MultiPastel Chalk Pencils is made in the USA.

This set of 12 colors includes one each of the following Pastel Chalk pencil colors: White, Black, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Yellow Ochre, Peach, Pink, Indigo Blue, Grass Green, Canary Yellow, Orange, and Scarlet Red.


General's® MultiPastel® Chalk Pencils
Handcrafted since 1926 using only the finest artist pigments


On Black Tiles, use the General's White Pastel Pencil to draw strings and highlight the finished tangles. Slowly work up layers with your pencil. Feel free to blend or smudge this pencil with your fingers or a tortillion

  • The smooth, pigment rich formula of these pencils is excellent for Zentangle shading, chalking, fabric markings, lettering, outlines, shading, rouging, and aging effects.
  • Acid free, oil free, artist and archival.
  • Made in the USA.
  • AP and ACMI approved conforming to ASTM D-4236.
  • Pencils handcrafted with sustained yield incense cedar wood.
  • Pigment-rich MultiPastel® formula, ideal for fine lines and details in drawings that is still very blendable.

Fabric & Craft: Use General's MultiPastel® Chalk Pencils to transfer a design or to draw directly onto fabrics.

  • Quilters find the oil free, acid free pastel pencil excellent for marking fabric for applique, piecing, and quilting line.
  • The wide range of colors allows choosing the right color and value for easy visibility on any fabric.
  • NOTE: Pre-testing for removal is always recommended to be sure the lines are easily washed, erased, or wiped away.
    • Draw directly on fabric
    • OR Trace on paper and rub firmly to transfer image to fabric or paper.

Fine Art, Zentangle, Mixed Media, Memory Books & Rubber Stamping:

  • Experiment with the material.
    • Best used on a slightly rough or heavy tooth paper.
    • Artists find pastel pencil blends very smoothly on paper and especially the Zentangle Tiles.
  • Place a number of different colors on the paper and blend them with your finger, a stump, or the eraser-blender on the pencil.
  • For soft shading effects, soften chalked color with cotton swabs, sponge applicator or blending stumps / tortillion, or burnish with a brayer to set.
  • Pastel pencils should be carefully sharpened with a hand-help pencil sharpener, an emery board, or sand paddle pointer to finish the points as you desire.
    • NOTE: General's make an excellent pencil sharpener (see below) that returns pencil point to factory tip. The factory tip is shorter than traditional sharp pencil tips, thus less eating away less of the wood & pastel center core.