2 generals layout pencils

(2) General's Layout Pencils, Extra Black, #555. Excellent for Zentangle shading & strings, stays sharp longer.

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(2) General's Layout Pencils
Extra Black #555 (ebony black)

Item Code: AD17

NOTE: Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher uses the General's Layout Pencil for Zentangle and finds:

  • ease of use enhanced by thick round barrel for hand comfort.
  • maintains fine sharp point longer than most soft lead pencils making it excellent for line, shading, sketch, illustration, journaling, writing & more.
    • General's states: " favorite of animators, illustrators, cartoonist, designers & artist since 1930's"
    • Graphite core is bonded to wood with exclusive "Carbo-Weld" bonding process for added strength and reliability.
  • graphite seems to grip the paper well resulting in less transfer smudging to hands or paper than other 6B pencils or charcoal Sharla has used.
  • pencil responds well to a soft touch for feather light string lines and light shading to more pressure for darker line and deeper shading.
  • easy to build up layers of shading, a trick to add additional depth to a Zentangle Tile.
    • smooths nicely with tortillion or stump
  • LIGHT lines and shading EASILY erased from paper, heavy lines do not erase well.
  • Ebony Black is deep enough in color that heavier application takes on charcoal appearance without the messy hands because it is is an excellent pencil that grips paper well.