22 5 degree wedge ruler

22.5 Wedge Ruler (13 Length) The Ruler With a Cause by Good Measure make Dresden Plate, Fan, Tumbler Block

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22.5° Wedge x 13" Length at Center Line**
Good Measure
16 pieces to make a complete circle.

Good Measure The Ruler With a Cause, 22.5° Wedge Ruler

**if you wish a longer wedge, use in conjunction with another ruler to extend length of edge

16 pieces to make a complete circle

Strip Size

Plate/Fan Diameter

Recommended Base Square

2" 6" 8"
3" 8" 10"
4" 10" 12"
5" 12" 14"
6" 14" 16"
8" 18" 20"


Instruction Sheet & Pix Included with the Ruler:

Good Measure manufactures rulers that are accurate, versatile and easy to read (pink & green measurement lines.)


The Good Measure name represents a high quality and accurate measuring system and the good that comes in the form of a donation to breast cancer research for every Good Measure Ruler sold. Make a difference while making something beautiful. Feel good about your choice to purchase Good Measure Rulers - the only rulers with a cause. This ruler is specifically designed to create the following blocks: Grandmother's Fan, Dresden Plate, and Tumbler Blocks. Since this is a 22.5 Degree Wedge, 16 pieces will make a complete circle. All Good Measure rulers are designed to be compatible with each other, ensuring accurate cuts and allowing you to utilize these rulers for all your cutting needs. Each ruler is labeled with its size or the name of the specific job it does. Good Measure rulers are accurate, easy to read and versatile. Made in the USA!



To use:

  • Find the Good Measure logo on the ruler.
  • Lay the ruler on your strip so you can read the words Good Measure.
  • Line the Center Cutting Line up with the edge of your strip (diagram I), leaving the excess fabric to the correct side (to your right if you are right handed and to the left if you are left handed).
  • Line the smallest end of the ruler with the bottom edge of your fabric.
  • Make your first cut and discard this piece.
  • Turn the ruler 180° so the words Good Measure are upside down (diagram 2).
  • Line up the cut edge with the angled edge of the ruler.
  • Line up the smallest end of the ruler with the top edge of the fabric and make your second cut.
  • Turn the ruler back to the original position and continue, cutting as many pieces as you need.
  • For faster cutting or for mirror pieces, fold strip in half and cut two pieces each time.