37329 pink fine sakura gelly roll pen

(1) 21 FINE Pink Classic Sakura Gelly Roll pen 0.6mm ball, 0.3mm line, Waterproof & Archival

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Select Sakura's Gelly Roll Pens in their Classic (transparent ink) or Moonlight (opaque and shows on black) colors for their the creamy gel ink that flows effortlessly from the ballpoint tip. The Sakura Gelly Roll pens do NOT skip and dry out.

Select Sakura Gelly Roll, the gel ink pen that was invented to make writing and self-expression effortless. The creamy ink and incredible array of colors provide plenty of favorite "flavors" for letting your thoughts flow onto paper. Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint. Sign your name, doodle, express your artful self, or celebrate the thrills and document the spills of your life. Leave a mark that will last a lifetime.

Do not underestimate the extraordinary value of a handwritten note. Anyone can have fun, create art, write in scrapbooks and journals, sign documents, daydream, and doodle with any of the assorted colors from the collection of Gelly Roll pens.

Sakura Color Products invented and patented gel ink and the pen casing used to create Gelly Roll pens. The first of its kind, these Gelly Roll pens created the gel ink pen category within the writing instrument industry. The Gelly Roll pen collection has grown to provide a wide variety of colors to support the company's motto: Power to Express

Roller Ball in each pen makes it a dream to write and embellish projects.

Classic & Moonlight Gelly Roll gel ink pens features:

  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers
  • CLASSIC: Black, blue, royal blue, purple, and burgundy ink colors are excellent for writing checks due to the gel ink's resistance to fraudulent washings.
  • MOONLIGHT: Ultra vivid, opaque ink colors on white or dark paper
    Archival quality ink chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant
  • Consistent ink flow to the last stroke, Ice Cream Smooth in a rollerball
  • Will not bleed through, smear, feather when dry on most papers including Vellum, Matte or Glossy Paper
  • Permanent, waterproof, chemical proof, fade resistant* (*except Moonlight fluorescent colors fade in direct sunlight )
  • Meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standard (AP Seal)
  • NOTE REGARDING FABRIC (testing is always a good idea): The Sakura Gelly Roll is a Waterproof, Colorfast Ink. Heat setting with an iron is always a good practice.
  • GENTLE washing will prolong the life of the pen.
    AVOID bleaches & detergents.
    • AVOID: RIGOROUS & Normal WASHING of fabric in bleach, detergent or strong agitation will quickly remove ink. TIP: Use gentle for longest life of marking on fabric. Will NOT bleed with a simple spill of water.
    • AVOID: use with food service
    • AVOID: using on ceramics because will wash away and can scratched off easily.
    • AVOID: not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin