45 mm omni rotary cutter

Omnigrid Rotary Cutter, soft cushion handle, 45mm

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Rotary Cutter 45 mm

By: Omnigrid

  • Soft Cushion Handle
  • Safety Lock
  • Right or left Hand Use
  • Pressure Sensitive

CAUTION! Blade is extremely sharp!
Always lock blade when not in use.

Omnigrid 45 mm Rotary Cutter will cut fabric paper, leather, vinyl, matboard and even foamcore, in any direction.

The blade is protected by a safety guard. The safety guard slides back when pressure is applied, exposing the blade to cut through the materials. Once you lift the cutter from the surface, the guard slides back into place, covering the blade and providing protection.

No button to engage or release blade! It does it automatically!

Always use a rotary cutting mat to protect not only your surface, but your blade as well.

Caution: Blade is extremely sharp!

For best results, use with the Omnigrid 45 mm rotary blades. Most other 45 mm blades will work with this cutter.