6to17 cut a round ruler

Cut A Round STANDARD Tool for 6 to 17 inch circles by Phillips Fiber Art, Optional Packages

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Cut perfect circles with ease using the Cut A Round Tools. A simple slice of a quarter folded and viola! you have a perfect circle. Recommended to use with the Circle A Round book by Cheryl Phillips.

Circle a Round book and 3 sizes of Cut a Round Tools by Cheryl Phillips of Phillips Fiberarts approaches quilting from a different point of view. Create quilts using circle shapes and Cheryl's easy follow instructional techniques for layering and arranging circles into wonderful and fantastic quilts.

How to use the Circle Around Tools


  • Fold the fabric square in half, press lightly.
  • Fold again to make fourths, press lightly.
  • Use the Inch Rule: Cut the 'hole' in the background fabric one inch smaller then you want the circle to be.

What is the best way to hold the rotary cutter?
Hold the rotary cutter erect, more vertical than you cut strips. This helps glide the cutter and give you the smoothest cut.

If you have problems cutting circles with your Cut A Round tool, perhaps you are holding your rotary cutter as you would for straight cuts. In straight cuts the rotary cutter is "pushed" against the ruler to cut strips.

WRONG Hand and Cutting Placement

For circular cuts, hold the rotary cutter erect and guide it around the curve, pushing downward on the cutter. the incorrect hand placement the correct hand placement.

See correct placement in diagram.

CORRECT Hand & Cutting Placement

  • What Rotary Cutter should I Use?
    • Use a regular 45 mm rotary cutter with the Large and Standard Cut A Round tools.
    • Use a small 28 mm rotary cutter with the Mini and Midi Cut A Round tools.
  • Are the Cut A Round tools breakable?
    • Yes. Although the tools are made with High Impact acrylic, they can be broken.
    • Avoid uneven pressure and dropping.
    • Hang the tool for storage.
    • If your tool does break, you can mend it with an acrylic plastic glue similar to Super Glue. These glues weld the plastic back together.