800 clear glaze sakura pen

(1) 800 Clear Glaze Sakura Pen, 0.8mm ball, 0.7mm line, 3D Embossed, Waterproof & Archival.

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Select Sakura's 3D Glaze & Soufflé Craft Ink Pens for their 3D EMBOSSED / RAISED pigment inks that flows effortlessly from the ballpointtip. The pens are water resistant and can be used on most non-porous & porous materials such as glass, ceramic, CD's, Mylar, and Paper. The pens do not bleed through most papers.

Sakura: Glaze (tansparent) & Souffl (opaque)
3-D glossy ink pen features: Technical qualities

  • Patented gel ink for creating raised effect
  • Souffl?: matte finish & opaque so good on light & dark surfaces
  • Glaze: glossy finish & transparent, does NOT show up on black: EXCEPTION: White Glaze is opaque on dark surfaces.
  • GLAZE: Light catches color when it is used on translucent and transparent surfaces. Layering color elements and texture for shine and depth is easy! Glaze & Souffl? 3-D ink resists water and can achieve the look of batik. Rubber stamp and paper craft projects benefit with accents of color and texture.
  • Escape intimidating paint brushes and reach for a comfortable pen that delivers vibrant color to clear surfaces for a stained glass effect.
  • A roller ball pen that is easy and comfortable to write with
  • Write slowly and allow to dry completely
  • Write slowly so the ink flows out thickly and allow time to dry about 10 minutes.
  • Water-based, odorless, gel ink formula
  • Waterproof on most surfaces
  • For best results, use on non-porous, clean, smooth surface
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards (AP seal)
  • NOTE REGARDING FABRIC (testing is always a good idea):
    • 3-D Glaze & Souffl ink dries rigid.
    • Applying directly to flexible fabric may result in cracking / chipping of applied ink.
    • If stretch on canvas or stiffened with acrylic medium it may not be issue.
  • Not recommended:
    • RIGOUROUS WASHING of fabric in bleach, detergent or strong agitation
    • food service
    • ceramics that are washed
    • not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin

Glaze & Souffl

3-D Glossy Ink Applications

  • Ceramic and glass accents
  • Rubberstamping flourishes
  • Sticker embellishments
  • Wedding invitations
  • Card making and bookmark texture
  • Write or draw on most CDs
  • Batik effects
  • Anywhere 3-D texture is desired