add a quarter 12 inch ruler

Add-A-Quarter Ruler, Add-a-Eighthe Ruler, & Add-Three-Eights Ruler add /trim foundation piecing seam allowance

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4 rulers to clean up or add seam allowances when doing paper piecing. The Add-a-Quarter Rulers, Add-a-Eighth Ruler, and Add-Three-Eighths Ruler with their specially designed lip that provides the straight edge for your rotary cutter.

The Add-A-Quarter or Eighth Rulers combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt pieces with the accuracy of a template.

The 1/4", 1/8", or 3/8" lip edge catches the sewn seam line for simple fabric adjustment before trimming. (see diagram arrow in the picture) Trim excess fabric while automatically adding the seam allowance to any angle, template, or sewn patch. Recommended by Carol Doak for Paper Piecing aka foundation piecing and adding seam allowance to Templates.

  • 6" Add-A-Quarter Ruler
  • 12" Add-A-Quarter Ruler
  • 6" Add-An-Eighth Ruler designed for miniatures
  • 12" Add-Three-Eighths 12" designed for Flannels

The raised lipped edge is 1/4", 3/8", or 1/8" from the outside of the ruler edge The raised lip catches the sewn seam line for easy fabric adjustment and then using your rotary cutter, trim the excess away and your seam allowance is automatically added.