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Mint Sparkle, Angelina Film 4 inches x 5 feet

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Angelina Film

Stamp it. Press it. Cut it. Sew it. Wash it.

Angelina comes in many fabulous transparent colors.

Create luminous effects that will enhance all your fabric and paper projects by making your own sheets using dazzling Angelina Film and Angelina Fibers together!

With Angelina Film, you can die cut it, use a hand punch or scissors. With a little experimentation, you soon will be creating unbelievable colors and textures.

Use Angelina Film to create fairy wings & other iridescent projects.

Both Angelina Film and Angelina Fibers are heat bondable, but they only self bond to themselves and each other.

NOTE: The below images give only the faintest impression of what Angelina Film actually looks like, and are meant for reference only. Angelina Film is a "must see to appreciate" product! We've attempted to picture the films as close to the original but the iridescence changes just by moving or heating the sheet.

Displayed below in package, multiple layers, and single layer; notice how the color changes as the film is manipulated. But, don't be fooled. They are even more delightful as you experiment with them. Mix and match for the best results.

To get started, experiment a little with these techniques.

Instructions for Creating Flat Sheets:

  • Set Teflon coated iron to medium or polyester setting.
  • Place 3 to 4 layers of film on parchment paper.
  • Lay another piece of parchment or nonstick pressing cloth on top.
  • Press with iron firmly for 3-10 seconds.
  • Lift parchment to reveal a totally unique sheet of fabric!
  • The more layers of film you melt together, the stronger the fabric sheet
  • Mix it up with Angelina Fibers.

3-Dimensional Bonding:

  • Try using a heat tool or a candle flame.
  • Crunch film into a shape, like a heart, or bend a fiber sheet.
  • Hold with tweezers and bring sheet close to heat source until it has melted into the desired shape!
  • Be careful not to over heat.

Create Shapes:

  • Ink an Art Glitter stamp with permanent ink.
  • Place one or more layers of film on rubber.
  • Place nonstick ironing cloth or parchment paper on film.
  • Press with Dries Clear Adhesive or machine sew to a T-shirt or quilt.

Create Texture:

  • Create interesting patterns by firmly heat pressing three film layers or a small amount of fibers onto an un-inked art rubber stamp
  • Create a textured surface such as lace with parchment paper between film and iron.

Important Information:

  • Too much heat/ dwell time/ pressure will cause film to become more coppery; or a loss of color may occur and film may bubble or melt away.
  • Colors change with heat. Angelina Film and Angelina Fiber fuses to itself and to each other only.
  • Use with Micro Cut Glitters and our Adhesives Steam-a-Seam2, Misty Fuse, Foil Glue, ect for endless possibilities