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Circle A Round by Cheryl Phillips. SEE Ruler Package under More Info

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Circle a Round by Cheryl Phillips approaches quilting from a different point of view. Using Cheryl's Cut A Round Tools, create quilts with circle shapes and her easy follow instructional techniques for layering and arranging circles into wonderful and fantastic quilts.

Author: Cheryl Phillips
Pages: 40
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Phillips Fiber Art

Circle A Round Book Overview Information

Circles give you a great way to frame a specific design. Consider scenic, pictorial, or novelty prints. Circles of geometric checks or strips add visual interest.

Most quilters have a stash of orphan blocks somwehere. A leftover block, a class preoject, or an idea that didn't quite work out can make an ideal circle As you look through the gallery of quilts, notice the pieced circles. Students were encouraged to bring old cast off blocks for practicing the technique, yet they ended up with stunning pieces

Table of Contents
Cutting a Circle 8
Cutting a Frame 9
Framing a Circle 10
Layering Circles 12
Piecing a Crescent Moon 14
Piecing a Crescent Shadow 16
Piecing Rings 18
Strips and Leftovers 20
Gallery 22