claires cats volume 2 darcy ashton

Claire's Cats Volume 2 by Darcy Ashton, 35 Cats + Mice and 7 Quilt Projects

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Claire's Cats, Volume 2 by Darcy Ashton is dedicated to her daughter, Claire, who named the 35 cats and 12 mice in this book. Instructions included are needle turn appliqué, hand embroidery and fusible web appliqué as well as transferring the designs to fabric.

Author: Darcy Ashton
Pages: 49
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Publisher: Ashton Publications
Cover: Soft

Instruction Page

All of the patterns in this book can be stitched with embroidery, rather than appliqué. It is easy and fun to do.

Trace the pattern directly to the background square with a pencil and stitch over the top of the markings, concealing them.

When the block is quilted, outline the embroidered animal directly over the stitching with a clear monofilament thread.

Then quilt very tightly in the background area allowing the animal to "poof up". This adds extra interest and dimension to your project and keeps it from looking flat.

Table of Contents
Appliqué Ideas and Helpful Hints 2
Claire's Cats, Too -- 81" x 107" 4
Bed Quilt
There's a Hole in the Barn Door 6
52" x 64" Throw
Claire's Sapphire Medallion Kitty 8
48" x 48" Lap Quilt
Embroidery Diagrams 11
Hand and Machine Appliqué Instructions 12
Cat Patterns 14
Mouse Patterns 49
Made with Love 50
Baby Bib Pattern
My Big Orange Cat 52
56" x 62" Small Bed Quilt
Easy One-of-a-Kind Fractures 54
35" x 25" Art Quilt
Stuffed with Fluff 56
50" x 62" Child's Quilt
Year of the Cat 58
28.5" x 28.5" Wall Quilt
1930's Scrappy Cat 60
68" x 92" Bed Quilt
Pretty Kitty Baby Quilt 63
36" x 36" Baby Quilt