clover mesh transfer canvas

Clover Mesh Transfer Canvas Size: 12 in. x 16 in.

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Mesh Transfer Canvas

MFG: Clover
Size: 12" x 16"

  • This transfer sheet takes advantage of the mesh structure and requires no cutting.
  • Just by re-tracing the outline on the mesh, the design layout can be easily transferred.
  • To allow tracing using a pencil or colored pencil, one side of the mesh is in mat (non-glossy) finish.
  • By using pens with different colors, one can overlap the tracings of multiple designs to maximize the utilization of the sheet
  • Made of Polyethylen Terephthalate Resin.

Mesh Transfer Canvas by Clover is useful for transferring quilt lines, tracing patchwork pieces, and layout of appliqué designs.

close-up of mesh
Mesh Transfer Canvas
clear rigid mesh that allows see-through for design tracing and quick transfer to project.

How to use


Maximize the space on the mesh by using different colors to trace shapes. HINT: Use the Air Evaporative Pen, Wash Away Pen, or Chaco Marker for quick clean up and using again.

Instruction Instruction