color evaluator ii

Color Evaluator II, Red and Green, Optional Add Color Wheel Pkg.

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Color Evaluator II

Why green and red? Red has been used mostly in past color evaluator strips and the problem is viewing red fabrics through the evaluator produced very mixed results because of the similarity in color, thus using Green for cool colors and red for warm colors eliminates these problems

  • Viewing multiple fabrics through the red and green plexiglass reveals which fabrics are light, medium, or dark value.
  • The red and green color of the plastic strips filter out the color information and leaving only the value of the selected fabrics you are evaluating.
  • Knowing the value of the fabric before placing them in a quilt gives you the confidence and knowledge needed to choose which patches will be light, medium or dark and interact the way you expect in the block.
Use these tools helps prevent over use of fabrics with similar values and helps establish the dimension of a design.
  • Use Red filter with Warm colors (red, yellow, orange, green)
  • Use Green Filter with Cool colors (red violet, purple, blue, blue-green.)