corner trimmer template
Corner Trimmer Template by Marti Michell

Corner Trimmer Template by Marti Michell

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Corner Trimmer Template
Perfect Patchwork

Mfg: From Marti Michell

"It will change your quilting life!" That's what many dedicated corner-trimming quilters say after using the From Marti Michell acrylic tools for rotary cutting!

  • Trim corners
  • Trim squares, too
  • Make perfect square within a square units
  • Piece binding strips more easily
  • Make joining the ends a snap
  • Use to piece border strips, too

Use in conjunction with other Marti Michell
Perfect Patchwork Templates

Cut both triangles for Flying Geese units with instructions for cutting the small and large triangles and chain piecing the Flying Geese units using the Corner Trimmer Template.

You may have seen two-piece corner trimmer sets with instructions to cut some corners one way and some another. We say, "Why would you cut off some of the excess fabric when you could so easily get rid of more?" We let one piece do it all-and so much more!

The From Marti Michell Corner Trimmer template can be used to trim the corners of any right angle triangle piece regardless of the size if the triangle. Trimmed corners promote accurate piecing, eliminate "dog ears" before sewing and reduce bulk at corners for easier quilting by hand or machine. Engineered corners are just one of the quality trademarks you will find on From Marti Michell products. Includes 8-page tips booklet.