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Create-A-Color Wheel (black & white) by The Color Wheel Company Size: 9 1/4 in.

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Create-A-Color Wheel an uncolored color wheel ready for you to paint your own favorite colors. A practical, hands-on, tool for teaching painting, mixing colors, and color relationships. Use your favorite medium; oil colors, tube or jar acrylics, pastels, watercolors, etc. Diameter 9 1/4".

What makes the Rainbow Color Wheels Unique?

Color coordination is sometimes difficult for quilters. Your computer quilt is on the screen but you are stumped for sound color direction. Also, questions come up when working with a favorite fabric like, " Now what?" OR you want to add the edge to your quilt and make your fabric combination just a little different from everyone else. Well quilters cheer up, help is here!

The Color Selectors are the perfect color wheel to do just that because it is designed with see-through windows to place your fabric behind (see picture above), then the fun begins as the Rainbow Color Selector geometric shapes point out the perfect color combinations for you to try (see picture above).

Easy to Use:

  • Pick a main color by placing your FABRIC, paint chip, fiber, or paper under the closest match see-through window.
  • Point to your fabric window to one of the easy-to-see geometric shapes that create color matching schemes to help you out.
  • Match the numbers built into the color match.
  • YES, it is that easy!

Plus: Each Color Selector comes with a plain language guide that is easy to understand as it explains color combinations suggestions. What a great aide to the quilter who needs some help in the color confidence area.