creative grids circles

CGRCRCL Creative Grids Circles in 5 sizes: 2.5 in. , 3.5 in. , 4.5 in. , 5.5 in. , & 6.5 in. & embedded grippers

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Creative Grids Rulers
Circles in 5 sizes:
2.5", 4.5", 5.5", & 6.5"

Made in the USA

Product Information for:
Creative Grids Rulers Circles in 5 sizes


Circles are ideal for:

  • Japanese Folded Patchwork
  • Yo-Yo's
  • Appliqué
  • Quilting template for marking curves and circles
  • They have frosted lines dividing each circle into 8ths
  • Have non-slip grips embedded on the underside to help keep them in place yet they're easy to maneuver.

Creative Creative Grids® speciality ruler are unique in their markings and address the special needs like the Angle Finder, Circles, or Curved Corner on a quilt. Also find rulers for popular blocks like House Ruler & Dresden Plates, Cathedral Windows & More.

  • Embedded non-slip grips on the underside to help keep them in place
  • Finer lines than found on most rulers for more accurate cutting
  • Clearly marked in black and white for use on light and dark fabric.
  • Lightweight but strong with smooth edges
  • Easy to maneuver.