creative grids triangle 45 and 90 degrees

CGRMS4590 Creative Grids Multi-Sized 45/90 degree Triangles up to 5. Makes Half & Quarter Square Triangles

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Creative Grids Ruler
Multi-sized 45° / 60° Triangle Ruler
Dual Purpose Ruler cuts up to 5" finished
Half Square & 60° Equilateral Triangles from Strips

Designed by Rachel Cross.
Made in the USA

Creative Grids Ruler Multi-sized 45° / 60°
Product Information:

  • This multi-sized ruler features easy to read black and white markings, easy to see on light to dark fabric.
  • The math required to cut these angles is incorporated into these markings.
  • Use the 45° side to cut half-square triangles from fabric strips up to 5 1/2" wide.
  • Create half-square triangles that finish up to 5”.
  • Turn it around to cut 60° triangles that finish up to 5".
  • Embedded gripper dots hold the fabric while cutting when pressure is applied.

NOTE: Marking on ruler show FINISHED sized. 

From Same Strip-cut Triangle & Square Equilateral Triangles

Features of the Creative Grids Triangle rulers include:

  • Extensive Line Triangles for every need: Triangles, 60° Equilateral Triangle. 90° for Quarter Square Triangles, 45° for Half Square Triangles, 120° cuts using sewn together strips.
  • Embedded non-slip grips on the underside to help keep them in place
  • Finer lines than found on most rulers for more accurate cutting
  • Clearly marked in black and white for use on light and dark fabric
  • Each ruler varies are clearly marked with easy to read numbers for measurement.
  • One ruler is set up for 5 square triangles with 7/8" markings
  • Lightweight but strong with smooth edges
  • Easy to maneuver