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Diamond Cut Template - A Girl's Best Friend, cuts 1 in. to 6 in. diamonds by June Taylor

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Diamond Cut by June Tailor
A Girl's Best Friend

MFG: June Taylor
Size: 1" to 6" Diamonds

June Tailor Diamond Cut
A Girl's Best Friend

What quilter can't resist cutting perfect 60 degree diamonds every time? Using the Diamond Cut, you can cut 1inch to 6 inch diamonds in 1/4 inch increments without measuring. Simply place slotted ruler on fabric strip and using a rotary cutter, cut in the slots. Save time by not having to re-align the ruler with each cut.

Diamond Cut Packaging Information

  • Perfect 60°diamonds every time
  • Cut 1" to 6" diamonds in 1/4" increments without measuring
  • Use with your rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat

How to use the Diamond Cut:

The main difference between using Diamond Cut and using other rulers is the cutting. To use most quilting rulers you run your rotary cutter along the outside edge of the ruler. However, to use the Diamond Cut you run your rotary cutter through the slits.

Align the ruler once, and then make one cut after another, until you cut the width of the Diamond Cut. Only then do you need to move the ruler and align it again.