ez steam ii 9x12 sheets

EZ Steam II, Double Stick Fusible Web 9x12 inches, (5 Sheets)

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EZ-Steam® II &  Lite EZ-Steam® II by Pellon®

  •  EZ-Steam® II by Pellon® is a double-sided tacky, pressure sensitive fusible webbing with a paper backing.
  •  EZ-Steam's two sided tacky quality of webbing adhesive sticks to both the background and applique / collage of fabrics, papers & much .
  • The dual sided tacky quality aids in the placement of collage and applique and gives you the versatility of moving the pieces to multiple positions while seeking just the right placement before permanently fusing with an iron. 

Use Lite EZ-Steam® II for lightweight fabrics, paper, lace, foam, batting and more! Great for placement of lace, ribbons and other decorative trims.

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive is on each side temporarily holds material in place before creating a permanent bond by fusing with an iron.
  • After fusing, the bond is so strong, and sewing along fabric applique edges is optional, a nice feature when working with designs that have small pieces.
  • Perfect for: binding, seams and hems, trims and ribbons, paper, fabric, wood, foam and more.
  • Easy to use with light to medium weight bindings, seams, hems, trims, lace, ribbon, paper, wood, batting and fabric.
  • Match iron temperature to fabric or media type
  • Works with or without steam
  • Machine wash, delicate cycle; dry low or dry clean
  • NOTE: Fabric softener is not recommended
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • 100% polyamide

EZ Steam II & Applique, Collage, Mixed Media

  • EZ Steam II has a pressure sensitive coating on both sides of the web that allows it to temporarily stick to the appliqué material, then adheres the appliqué piece to the background.
  • The entire appliqué stays in place without shifting and is repositionable until pressed with an iron.
  • It is even possible to try on a garment and reposition the appliqués before fusing to ensure exact placement.

General Directions:

  1. Draw design on the paper (matte) side of EZ-Steam® II/Lite EZ Steam® II.   
  2. Remove the shiny (waxy) side revealing the pressure sensitive surface.
  3. Finger press the pressure sensitive side to the wrong side of the fabric. DO NOT APPLY HEAT WITH AN IRON AT THIS POINT.  
  4. Cut out the drawn shape.  
  5. Peel off the remaining paper (matte) backing. TIP: Lightly score the backing with a pin and crack to peel backing away from the center rather than the sides.
  6. Finger press the pressure sensitive side of the appliqué/piece to the right side of the background fabric.
  7. To permanently bond the appliqué/piece, press with an iron using a Wool or Cotton setting with Steam or a damp press cloth.
    1. Press in place for a full 10-15 seconds.
  8. Lift iron and repeat if working with a larger surface area.


  • Always pre-test any fusibles to insure that your fabric is compatible.
  • Be sure to check that the iron temperature is compatible with the type of fabric you are using.
  • Pre-wash fabric to remove sizing and other chemicals which may prevent the fabric from sticking to the web.
    • Also, this should take out any shrinkage from your fabric.
    • Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
  • Use with or without steam.
  • Set iron temperature according to the type of media or fabric you are using.

Change your mind at any time!

Nothing is permanent until pressed with an iron.

  • If you change your mind about the appliqué fabric you are using, simply peel off EZ-Steam II and stick it to new fabric.
  • There is no waste. Since you haven't fused EZ-Steam II to your appliqué material, you can remove it from your fabric scraps and use both the excess fabric and EZ-Steam II for other projects.

Care instructions:

  • Once fused, EZ-Steam is washable and dry-cleanable.
  • Unfinished edges won't lift or fray.
  • If you choose to finish the edges you can sew through the pressed appliqué without gumming up your needle or finish the edges with paint.
  • DO NOT dry with a dryer sheet.