fabulous fractures

Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esslinger, Easy One-of-a-Kind Fractured Pictorial Quilts

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In Fabulous Fractures Brenda Esslinger shows you how to use the simple strip piecing techniques to create an infinite array of one of a kind fractured designs. They are easy to make and wonderful to see. They should be in every quilter's bag of tricks. Once you get the hang of it, let your imagination run wild!

Author: Brenda Esslinger
Publisher: Ashton Publications
Pages: 32
Page size: 8.5" W X 11" H
Cover: Soft Cover

Back Cover Information

Use the simple strip piecing techniques in this book to create an infinite array of stunning one of a kind fractured designs from large scale prints, panels, or your own digital images. The steps are beautifully illustrated with easy to understand language to make the process easy and fun!

From the Author:

Fractured quilts, "fractures" for short, are a way of making images more interesting and more attractive. They provide a view similar to what you would see in a fractured mirror, hence the name, or when looking through a teleidoscope (similar to a kaleidoscope, but with an open view).

Fractured quilts are made by taking more than one copy of an image, either a photo transfer or a commercially printed fabric, slicing each copy a bit differently, then sewing them back together to create an "exploded" image.

This book's purpose is to inspire you. I have included detailed instructions for the basic fracturing technique as well as two of its variations. You will only find one quilt pattern in this book. I have provided it as an example of how fractures can be worked into everyday quilts that are meant to be used.

Table of Contents
What are Fractures? 3
Choosing Suitable Fabrics 5
Practicing with Paper 6
A Word About Sewing Machines 7
Tips for Successful Cutting 8
The Basic Fracture 11
Higher Order Fractures 15
Fracturing on Angles 18
The 60 Degree Diamond 22
Other Options to Consider 24
When Fractures Go Wrong 26
Daisy Quilt 29
Quilt as Desired 32