fringe cut slotted ruler june tailor
Fringe Cut Slotted Ruler by June Tailor, Size 6 in.  x 12 in.

Fringe Cut Slotted Ruler by June Tailor, Size 6 in. x 12 in.

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Fringe Cut Slotted Ruler
6" x 12"

MFG: June Tailor

Fringe Cut Slotted Ruler Product Information

To Cut Fringe:

  1. Square up edges of fabric to be fringed
  2. Lay Fringe Cut over fabric, lining up bottom edge of fabric with the horizontal line marked "0".
  3. For 1/2" fringe, cut in every slot opening on the ruler. For 1" fringe cut in every whole number slot opening.
  4. Fringe length: for 2" long fringe, cut up to the horizontal line marked "2" on the ruler. For 3" fringe cut to the horizontal line marked "3", and so forth

To Cut in 1/4" Increments:

  1. Make first set of cuts as instructed above for 1/2" cuts.
  2. Lift up Fringe Cut ruler and reposition over fabric so that the dotted 1/4" vertical line on the ruler is now at the left edge of the fabric.
  3. Make second set of cuts creating 1/4" fringe by cutting on every slot opening.

To Make Curly Fleece Fringe:

  1. Cut fringe from fleece fabric's finished, selvage edge following above instructions for desired length and width.
  2. Completely cut all fringe. With thumb and forefinger hold individual fringe unit at top and drag and pull to bottom edge. Scraping fabric with thumbnail will create a tighter curl.
  3. Continue with all subsequent fringe units to create a unique fringe look.