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Black Crafter's Grid, Polyamid Button, mfg. Dill Buttons: , 1.5 in. Diameter, by Dill Buttons.

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Dill Buttons
Needlepoint / Cross Stitch Button
AKA Cross-Stitch Button

Sharla's Nickname
"Crafter's Grid Button"

Create Needlepoint, Crosstitch, Pendants, Braclets, Broaches, Dolls and more!

Dill Buttons unique Needlepoint / Cross Stitch Button that Sharla likes to call the Crafter's Grid for its versatility is the perfect foundation for creating the base to jewelry, dolls, broaches and so much more.

  • The Needlepoint button is made of polyamid. They are very sturdy and hold up well when dry cleaned or put through a washing machine.
  • The 64 hole, 8 x 8 grid creates a small needlepoint or cross stitch canvas or as a base for jewelry and doll making.
  • The grid holes are large and will accomodate thick threads, yarns and fibers.
  • Perfect for the creative person. Accent by layering with our other buttons and Art Girlz Charms & Felt Beads.
    • Dill Buttons are color coordinated so they can be mixed and matched.