iron on printed treasures

Printed Treasures Iron-On, 3 sheet pack 8.5 x 11 for Inkjet Printers

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Printed Treasures
Iron-On Sheets
3 Pack


Size: 8.5"x11"
MFG: Milliken

Printed Treasures by Milliken, a high quality fabric sheet for inkjet printers, turns memories into heirlooms. Brilliant Images with crisp details.

Iron-On Printed Treasures fusible backing makes it easy to personalize with your favorite images. 100% Pima cotton quality, bright clear images, and best of all, it's machine washable! Perfect for purses, jean jackets, hats, totebags, clothing or anything else you can dream up. Bonds permanently with your home iron.

Printed Treasures® Iron-on InkJet Fabric Sheets Instructions

Iron-on InkJet Fabric Sheets ® Printed Treasures Iron-on InkJet Fabric Sheets work with any inkjet printer or inkjet copier and are fusible, colorfast and washable. Printed Treasures" Iron-on InkJet Fabric Sheets can be bonded to any porous, heat resistant surface such as fabric, wood, cardboard, card stock, etc.

Application Instructions

  1. On your computer, prepare image to be printed.
  2. Set printing parameters at "Best" for the Print Quality and "Plain Paper" for the Paper Type. (Tip: We recommend you use standard inkjet color inks rather than special photo inks. Photo inks are designed for best results on glossy photo paper and will not yield vibrant images on Printed Treasures".)
  3. Print first on regular printer paper to test ink coverage, image clarity, size and placement.
  4. Cut (do not pull) any loose threads from the edges of the fabric sheet.
  5. Load fabric sheet in printer tray so image prints on fabric side. Follow your printer's directions for loading instructions.
  6. Print image.
  7. Allow ink to dry completely, approximately one minute.
  8. Trim printed image to desired shape. (Tip: Images with rounded corners are less likely to peel up on the edges after washing)
  9. Slowly peel paper backing from printed image.
  10. Preheat your iron using the "Wool" setting, but do not use steam. (Tip: Empty the water reservoir in your iron before heating it up to be sure no steam is used.)
  11. Select a hard, smooth, heat resistant ironing surface. Protect the ironing surface with a pillowcase or folded sheet. (Tip: Do not use an ironing board or a terry towel - padded surfaces result in a poor bond.)
  12. If you are fusing your image to a T-shirt or other fabric surface, place it on the ironing surface and iron out all wrinkles before continuing to step 13.
  13. Position printed image (image side up) on project face as you wish it to appear upon completion.
  14. Pressing firmly and evenly, move the iron slowly back and forth over the image surface, making sure that all edges of the image have been ironed and the image is completely adhered. (Approximately 30 seconds total)
  15. Allow image to cool completely before moving.

Care for your finished products:

  • As needed, hand wash or launder in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild liquid detergent. Air dry or machine dry using low heat.
  • If your image begins to peel away after repeated washings, it can be re-bonded by repeating steps 11-14 in the application instructions.
  • For best results, turn finished product inside out before washing. 

Printed Treasures

Turn Memories into Heirlooms with Printed Treasures by Milliken. Personalize Quilts and Sewing Projects with Your Favorite Photos and Patterns.

  • 8 1/2" x 11" White Pima Cotton Fabric sheets (200 Thread Count) treated to be colorfast