kaleidoscope ruler pkg large kaleido ruler

Kaleidoscope Ruler Pkg: Large Kaleido-Ruler (6 to 16 in. blocks) & Small Kaleido-Ruler (2 to 8 in. blocks NOTE: See mor

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Kaleido Ruler Pkg.
Both rulers

1. Small Kaleido Ruler
Large Kaleido-Ruler

Use Marti Michell's Magic Mirrors, Kaleido-Rulers and Kaleidoscope ABCs (a quilt book) to create 14 variations of the kaleidoscope quilt. Her Magic Mirrors give you a chance to preview repeating patterns in a fabric.

Marti Michell's Perfect Patchwork Systems Templates won the Best New Product Award with the first 4 sets of templates A-D. In 2004 Marti was named the 2004 recipient of the Silver Star Award, The award is presented annually to "a living person whose body of work has positively influenced, promoted and developed the art of quilting."


All graphics and information courtesy of Marti Michell

  • Small Kaleido-Ruler makes 2" to 8" blocks
  • Large Kaleido-Ruler makes 6" to 16" blocks:

These rulers were developed to go hand-in-hand with the Kaleido-Krazy Series by Marti Michell or stand alone, your choice.

3 steps to using the Kaleido Ruler

Step 1

1. Pick a finished block size. Find it on the blunted 45° end of the Kaleido-Ruler and cut strips the width printed on the ruler. Then use the Kaleido-Ruler to rotary-cut the isosceles triangles for the interior

Step 2

2. To cut the corner triangle strips: On the longest side of the Kaleido-Ruler, align the desired finished block size with the evenly cut edge of fabric and cut strips that width

Step 3

3. To cut the corner triangles: Turn the ruler and align the finished block size with the edge of the strip. The point should touch the opposite edge of the strip.

Magic Mirrors
A Marti Michell Product

Super Size: 5 1/2" x 11"

An innovative way to preview design concepts. Helps establish how your ideas work before extensive cutting. Especially wonderful for positioning fabric when using Set E (the Eight-pointed Star Set), the Kaleido-Rulers, and the 60-degree Triangle-Rulers. Non-breakable material.