large diagonal set marti michell perfect patchwork

8968 Large Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler (Original Flip & Turn) 6-inch to 16-inch Finished Blks NO MATH Marti Michell My Favorite Ruler Series

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Large (8968)
Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler
Original Flip & Turn
6-inch to 16-inch finished blocks

No-math solution to the On-Point Quilt setting corners and set-in side triangles.

MFG: From Marti Michell
My Favorite Ruler Series

From Marti Michell My Favorite Rulers series bring you the Diagonal Triangle Set Rulers, with its no-math solution for cutting both size setting triangles to a complicated math issue built into the on-point quilt setting. The rulers are marked in 1/2" increments and labeled with the on-point finished block size. To cut the correct size, simply select your block size and cut away!

Marti Michell's Perfect Patchwork Systems Templates won the Best New Product Award with the first 4 sets of templates A-D. In 2004 Marti was named the 2004 recipient of the Silver Star Award, The award is presented annually to "a living person whose body of work has positively influenced, promoted and developed the art of quilting."

One multi-size ruler offers a no-math solution for cutting both size setting triangles that are needed when patchwork blocks are set on point. Uses the same corner concept as our templates. Available in two sizes, each ruler is small enough to handle easily and large enough to get the job done right. The small ruler is perfect for small quilts, many border designs and even many square-in-a-square designs.

The Diagonal Set Triangle-Rulers are marked in 1/2-inch increments by the finished block size. Because corner and setting triangles are often odd measurements, it is easier to use the ruler to measure and cut the strip than to try to find the exact place on a rotary cutting ruler.

1. To cut the corner triangles, (see example) align the finished block size with one edge of the strip and the top of the ruler with the other edge. Cut both sides of the triangle without moving the ruler.

2. To cut the larger setting triangles (see example) cut one side of the triangle, then flip the ruler and align the contact spots. The top of the ruler will fit into the already-cut angle and the finished block size line on the ruler will align with the edge of the strip. Cut the second side of the triangle.