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Lazy Angle Ruler by Joan Hawley Ruler.

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The Book and Lazy Angle Ruler by by Lazy Girls Design's Joan Hawley offer THE easy way to make Lazy Angle Blocks AKA star or triaangles made from rectangles. The ruler offers a NO Math, fast piece techniques to quickly make these great designs.

The easy way to make Lazy Angle™ Blocks
Finished sizes 1" to 6"
Cut all pieces from strips 1.5" to 6.5"
Use with Lazy Girl Designs or create your own designs.

Create awonderful block designs from just one simple block — the Lazy Angle™ block. The blocks are quick to cut and easy to piece for perfect points every time. Carry the angled seam across from one block to the next or rotate the blocks fro interesting starts and points as shown below. That is how the angle works. Cut all pieces from 1.5" to 6.5" strips for 1" to 6" finished blocks. The ruler will cut both "A" and "B" pieces shown at right. Use the ruler with Lazy Girl Designs book or patterns or create your own designs.

Sample Block Arrangement using Lazy Angle Blocks only

After mastering the Lazy ANgle block, add a twist or two and make the Lazy Angle Two Step and Four Step blocks. They are easy to make and work with the Lazy ANgle blocks. To make these blocks, first make the Lazy Angle block, then use the Lazy Angle™ Ruler to re-cut the block and add anotehr "B" piece. All pieces for these blocks are cut using the Lazy Angle™ Ruler. For the Four Step blocks, make the Two Step blocks and re-cut two more times, adding more "B" pieces where needed.

Rectangles: The ruler makes two rectangles too.