marti michell perfect patchwork system package 2 books templates a b c d

Super Pkg. Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork System: Vol 1 & Vol 2 Books + Template Sets A, B, C, D

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Super Package 2: Vol. 1 & 2,
plus Templates Sets A, B, C, D

2 books:

  1. Volume 1: Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks: Use with Template Sets A & B
  2. Volume 2: Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks: Use with templates A & C, B & D

4 template sets:

  1. Set A: Perfect Patchwork Templates
  2. Set B: Perfect Patchwork Templates
  3. Set C: Perfect Patchwork Templates
  4. Set D: Perfect Patchwork Templates

Perfect Patchwork Templates
Each Template is numbered to correspond with book series:
The Perfect Patchwork System: Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks

Note: Black in the pictures below represents the shape of the template



  • Tips cut designed to make your piecing easier, no guessing, simply match each corner and the cut points will do the work for you.
  • Dot-To-Dot Piecing Accuracy. Mark and match your dots.
  • Perfect shapes and sizes
  • Perfect 1/4-inch seam allowances already added
  • Perfect corners-Not just blunt, but revolutionary double blunt corners engineered for Perfect alignment
  • Perfect for rotary cutters
  • Perfect laser cut accuracy on every piece
  • Perfect permanent identification system
  • Perfect companion tools for strip cutting and piecing techniques
  • Perfect for hand and machine piecers