miracle chalk marking kit

Miracle Chalk Marking Kit, with Pounce Pad & (3) Miracle Markers, stays on until ironed to remove

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Quilt Pounce w Chalk
in the
Miracle Marking Kit
The World's Best Marking Tools

MFG: Miracle Chalk
Contents: Zinc stearate.

The Miracle Marking Kit Contains:

  1. 3 Miracle Markers
  2. Pounce Pad
  3. Bag of White Chalk that stay on until ironed or steamed.

The miracle markers make great lines! To sharpen, draw them against sandpaper or shave with a knife. The marks made by the miracle markers will disappear with an iron. Always test the markers before using.

Miracle Chalk stays in place until Heat Activated with
an iron, steam or a hair dryer

Miracle Chalk is the world's best quilt and sewing garments marking tool. The white chalk stays on until hit with a hot iron, steamer or some even use a hair dryer. We carry the Quilt Pouce in the Miracle Chalk Marking Kit. Also available: Chubby Crayon and Miracle Markers.

The Miracle Chalk Powder stays in place, but disappears with a puff of steam or heat activation from an iron, steamer or hair dryer. Use Miracle Chalk in your pounce pad and swipe stencil in the usual manner. Any chalk left on the fabric will disappear with pressing. Test for removal with batting under fabric before using on final project. NOTE: Do not mix with other chalks.


How to use the Quilt Pounce Pad

  • To fill the pounce, remove the cap plug from the top and carefully pour Miracle Chalk into the pad's reservoir.
  • The first time the pad is filled, firmly pat the pad into the palm our your hand to get the powder to flow evenly.
  • It's easier to mark with a pad that is will saturated with powder.
  • To mark your stencil, simply position the stencil where you want it, and swipe the powder-filled pounce over the top of the stencil.
  • WHITE: Lines stay until removed with an iron (heat activated) some have used hairdryers and steamers as alternate heat sources. NOTE: It is always good to test fabric with batting underneath first to be sure chalk disappears when heated.