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Misty Fuse White

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Fuses clear

MFG: Attached, Inc. 


Package Size: 20" x 90" approx. 2.5 yd

Package Size: 20" x 10 Yards

MistyFuse White, Black, Ultraviolet Packaging Information

MistyFuse is an environmentally—friendly fusible that is solvent free and recyclable It has been extruded to a very fine web to create a lasting bond without adding bulk.

  • No extra adhesive to gum up your needles.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of fabrics from velvet and cottons to organza and delicate tulle.
  • Comes in 3 types:
  1. Black (fuses translucent black)
  2. White (fuses clear)
  3. Ultraviolet (fuses clear)

NOTE: Ultraviolet Mistyfuse

In accelerated aging studies, exposure to UV rays have been shown to cause fusibles to tan (darken). Especially on light colors, sheers or other light weight fabrics, and surface use, tanning may read as a color shift or dark spots.

Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is specially formulated with an effective retardant to protect against the tanning effect of UV rays � without sacrificing any of the inherent Mistyfuse qualities you expect and trust. Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is white and fuses clear.

Misty Fuse Sandwich

1. Between sheets of parchment paper (test your parchment for suitability first) or a Teflon pressing sheet, layer your fabric right side up over a slightly larger piece of MistyFuse. (NOTE: Both sides of MistyFuse are identical, so both sides are "right".)

2. Iron to lightly apply the fuse to your fabric. (Let the fabric be your guide for iron temperature and time.) Allow to cool, then remove fused fabric. Use a rotary cutter or scissors to trim out your shape. You now have appliqué ready, fused back fabric.

3. Place or pin the trimmed piece into position on your quilt top; move it around to find the right position. To permanently fuse the piece down, first cover with parchment paper of a Teflon sheet. Use a hot iron and firm pressure (adjust the heat according to the fabric.)

Great Tips for using MistyFuse

1. Layer just MistyFuse between sheets of parchment, then iron. Allow to cool, remove one sheet only of parchment and you know have reliable paper backed MistyFuse.

2. Draw, trace, or print your pattern onto parchment first, then sandwich with fuse and fabric, or just fuse.

3. When MistyFuse is placed against the printed side of parchment, then ironed, the ink transfers to the fuse, which can then be ironed to another fabric.

4. Create "duplex" sheets by fusing different or contrasting sheers together. MistyFuse will prevent the trimmed edges from fraying.

5. Paint MistyFuse, then use it under a sheer or just fuse it down onto fabric.

6. Lay Angelina fibers on a sheet of parchment. Cover with MistyFuse then parchment, then iron. Even build more layers with more fuse, Angelina, glitter paper, whatever. The fused "fabric" can now be trimmed and fused to other fabric.

7. Add a freezer paper template (shiny side down) on top of fabric. Cover with parchment, iron, cool, and remove from parchment. Trim to the edge of the template and then remove the template. You now have a fabric shape which can be fused in place.

8. Lay foil sheet (foil side up) on a sheet of parchment. Cover with MistyFuse then parchment, then iron. Remove parchment paper and back side of foil sheet. This now can be ironed to another fabric or you can build more layers.