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Smoke MonoPoly Invisible Polyester Thread by Superior Threads 2,400 Yards

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MonoPoly Clear or Smoke
Thread Weight: .004
2,400 yds

Superior Threads
MonoPoly Invisible Thread

Product Information

Superior MonoPoly is made of polyester, not nylon. The advantages of polyester monofilament are numerous:

  • Polyester has a much higher heat resistance than nylon.
  • Polyester monofilament does not go brittle over time.
  • Polyester monofilament does not discolor or "yellow" over time.
  • Polyester is softer and more pliable than nylon, meaning it will lie better on and in the fabric.

How to use:

  • Use in the sewing machine, bobbin, and serger.
  • QUILTERS: Used for machine quilting and invisible machine appliqué.
    • Match the value of your fabric to the clear or smoke thread and it will blend into the fabric for a hand look by machine when doing appliqué or quilting.
  • Use in bobbin or on the top when appreciate for decorative sewing methods without the anchoring bobbin thread showing.:
    • Machine and free-hand embroidery
    • Machine beadwork
    • Couching heavy threads
  • In the serger used for floating decorative edges and floating decorative flatlock.