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Quilters Rule Quilt Soap 8 oz. for safe quilt wash

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Quilters Rule Paste
Quilt Soap (8 oz.)

Quilters Rule paste contains no phosphorus to harm delicate fabrics.
How to use:

  • Warm bottle to re-liquefy contents. Shake bottle several times before each use.
  • Fill washer full with water, add only 1 Tablespoon of highly concentrated Quilt soap. Agitate water slightly to mix Quilt Soap with the water.
  • Gently place quilt around in washer. Wash quilt on gentle cycle for 6 to 7 minutes only.
  • Rinse quilt twice to remover all the Quilt Soap. If quilt is heavily soiled, wash twice. Do not presoak the quilt.
  • Very delicate, antique quilts should be handled gently and washed/ soaked in a bathtub filled with water using 1 Tablespoon of Quilt Soap.
  • Layer quilt in a fan fashion in water-filled tub. Gently hand press down and up on quilt, forcing cleaning water through the layered quilt.
  • Drain water, hand press down and up to squeeze out excess water.
  • Place a sheet under the wet quilt and list out of tub using the sheet.
  • DO not lift heavy wet quilt manually.