paper piecing hexagon

3231 Paper Piecing Hexagon 1.5" 100ct by Dritz

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Mylar Pieces
(35) 1.5" Hexagons

Size: 1.5"
Count: 35 hexagons

Mylar Pieces
Circles & Hexagons
Multiple Sizes

Hexagon & Circle Mylar Pieces are heat resistant and made especially for quilters who desire to make perfectly shaped circles and hexagons each time with hand or machine piecing and appliqué.

How to Use Mylar Pieces

  • Cut fabric 1/4" larger than Mylar template.
  • Place Mylar template in the center of the fabric.
  • Spray a small amount of starch in a bowl.
  • Using a small brush or the end of your finger, moisten the fabric with the starch.
  • Turn the edges of the fabric over the Mylar template and iron to make a crisp crease.
  • Remove the Mylar template and piece or appliqué the fabric in place.

HINT: All irons are different. If your iron if too hot, it will buckle the Mylar template. Use the provided test piece of Mylar to determine the best setting for your particular iron.