peaky spiky set r

Set R (2) 5 in. Peaky &Spike Perfect Patchwork Templates From Marti Michell NOTE: See Book/Template Package

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Set R: 8019 Peaky and Spike (2) Perfect Patchwork System Templates

  • 2 pieces
  • Makes 5" to 15" blocks
  • Compatible with Set Q
  • NOTE: 3" pieces are in Set C & 4" pieces are in Set D

The late Doreen Speckmann named a pair of isosceles triangles and made them famous around the quilt world. Peaky and Spike are featured in dozens of traditional quilt patterns; one example is the Elongated Star, shown above. these 2 templates are the two triangular shapes most likely to convince people they love using the Perfect Patchwork Systems Templates.

The 3" unit is in Set C and 4" unit is in Set D. People have asked for a larger set, and here it is! Set R makes a 5" finished unit. The 5" size is perfect for today's popular larger fabric prints, and it doesn't take many blocks to cover a bed. In their simplest form, you'll love the many 10" and 15" pinwheels and star blocks you can make with Set R.

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