plastic ink eye dropper

Plastic Ink/Eye Dropper for an accurate measure, (1) $1.13, (3) $3.35, (36) $35.99

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Plastic Eye Dropper
Use when a measured amount is required

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When a measured amount is needed for creating and repeating new color mixes for a palette, the Plastic Eye Dropper is an excellent tool to have on hand. Use with the Tsukineko's All Purpose Inks and Jacquard Exciter Packs. The Ink Dropper is also very helpful when measuring drops of ink to create shaving cream mounds of color.

Ink Dropper, Daubers, Sweeper and Smudgee for sponge painting, stenciling & background development have no match!

  • The Ink Dropper is the ideal tool when measured results are needed and for reaching inside the small bottles of Tsukineko All-Purpose Inks and Jacquard Exciter Packs to create a color palettes of shaving cream.

  • Use daubers with VersaCraft Stamp Pads to create EASY stenciling effects. Use the daubers with our outstanding Doodle Templates & Stencils. Tap the sponge dauber tip onto a VersaCraft Stamp Pad a few times and apply to your paper to create soft airbrush effects. This can also be done with Tsukineko All-Purpose Inks mixed with shaving cream. Hint: Test on scrap first for color intensity and then apply to paper or fabric. You'll be amazed at the versatile results! Good for rubber stamping, stenciling big patterns, ink-to-surface applications, edging and more.

  • (See QuiltArts DVD for Fun with Shaving Cream and Inks.) Due to blendability, washability and versatility, the Tsukineko quick-drying All-Purpose Inks' has become a favorite among fabric and craft artists and scrapbooks.

  • Tsukineko Jumbo DauberTsukineko All Purpose Inks, daubers, sweeper, smudgee and shaving cream (as a paint medium) are a great combo when developing backgrounds, creating textures, for doing fast stenciling and easy tie-dye effects on fabric, paper and other porous surfaces like wood and leather.

Sponge Painting Example Sponge Painting Example

Stencil Example

Doodling Templates
Doodle Templates

combine with daubers, Inks, pens and stamp pads
  • Sweeper, smudgee, and daubers are resuable over and over again because they wash out to almost as good as new.
    • Before the All-Pupose Inks dry on the applicator, a good rinse will remove all the color residue from the sponge material and there will be no residue transfer of color when washed between each color application.

Texture and the Squeegee are a perfect pair.

  • Use the Squeegee for special effects with 3 different edges to create texture and move inks across a surface. Very effective when using shaving cream as a paint medium.

Fantastix are a new and effect alternative to the standard paint brush.

  • Versatility abounds with 2 tip styles: Use the bullet or brush tips for a smooth, streak-free finish.
  • Great for chalking, bleaching, water coloring, stenciling, needle arts, wood stains, touch ups, gluing and many more techniques that have yet to be discovered.