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Quilter's Preview Paper, See your Applique & quilting designs before quilting or stitching

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Quilter's Preview Paper
Design Tool Ideal for Overlay Preview of Quilting Designs, Appliqu�, Embroidery, & Crafts

UNIQUE BLACK EDGE shows you where to stop when adding preview quilt or appliqué lines to the clear paper.

RECYCLE: To reuse, erase / remove permanent marker with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth

Size: 20 Inches X 25 Feet (41.66 sq. ft.)
MFG: Quilter's Touch

Quilter's Preview Paper is ideal to overlay quilting design placement for preview BEFORE quilting, look at design elements for collage, applique and embroidery placement, audition fussy-cutting shapes, create quilting stencils and more.

Use Quiltetrs Preview Paper to test quilting designsUse Quiltetrs Preview Paper to test quilting designsUse Quiltetrs Preview Paper to test quilting designs

How-to Use Quilter's Preview Paper

  • HINT: The printed black line on the EDGE of the Quilter's Preview Paper is a visual reference to avoid drawing off Quilter's Preview Paper onto your quilt.
    • If working from CUT EDGE without Black Mark, draw a line along edge to create a similar visual reference.
  • Use ultra-fine point or fine point permanent markers to draw on Quilter's Preview Paper.
  • Trace or freehand design onto Quilter's Preview Paper (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
  • Draw on one side only..
  • Use a light touch when drawing.
  • Lay over quilt to preview SCALE and PLACEMENT of design.
  • Consider the THREAD PATH of the quilting across fabrics in the quilt.
  • If desired, view multiple designs prior to choosing final design. (See above examples.)
  • NOTE: To reuse Quilter's Preview Paper, use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth to remove permanent marker.

  • When your decision is made, make a stencil from the Quilter's Preview Paper by perforating the paper with an unthreaded sized needle, size 90 recommended.

Mark Stencil using Quilter's Preview Paper

Create Stencil to Mark Your Quilt
From Quilter's Preview Paper

1. Trace design onto Quilter's Preview Paper using permanent marker.

2. Cut Quilter's Preview Paper about 2" larger on all sides of design.

3. To perforate, free motion machine stitch along the design with large unthreaded needle (size 90 recommended). Clean or change your needle before it using on fabric.Blue Quilt Pounce

4. Place perforated Quilter's Preview Paper on project.

5. Mark using Chalk Quilt Pounce or cotton batting dipped in loose chalk. Work chalk into perforations by rubbing pounce or batting over the perforations. HINT: Marking works best when project and paper are on a flat, hard surface.

HELPFUL HINTS: Because of variations in temperature, humidity, markers, and other factors, Quilters Touch recommends testing all markers used in this process. Mark on scrap fabric first.

Quilter's Preview Paper
& Appliqué, Collage, Design Element placement. (See below)

HINT: Expressive Art Quilter's can use to preview collage and art components before final placement. A camera is great tool, but actual placement is sometimes difficult to reproduce. Let Quilter's Preview Paper help, HOW? Use sections of preview paper to quickly trace placement (roll size is 25 FEET long) and then move to next idea! Quickly trace placement and move to next idea. Recyle by wiping clean and reuse as needed.

TIP: Do not iron Quilter�s Preview Paper.

Instruction Sheet

Short YouTube Video: Quilter's Preview Paper - Which Markers to Use


3:12 minute YouTube Video: Quilter's Preview Paper and using with Pieced Block to Preview Quilting Lines

HINT: The Expressive Quilter can translate this video to test drive collage and applique components


Short YouTube Video: Audition Quilting Designs over an Applique design using Quilter's Preview Paper