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Quiltmaker Collection Volume 8 by Electric Quilt

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Quilting Designs, The Quiltmaker Collection Volume 8 from The Electric Quilt Company is the eighth of a new series of stand-alone software.This volume includes over 500 amazing quilting designs to print at any size. Volume 8 has 37 overall designs with hundreds of continuous blocks and borders. Each Volume is compatible with Electric Quilt 6 and 7 software, but EQ6 and 7 are not required.

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NOTE: Volume 8 of 8
Best for: Allover Designs
Quilting Designs
The Quiltmaker Collection
Volume 8
Over 500 Designs for quilting stencils

Stand Alone (EQ not required)
REQUIRED: Windows XP,VISTA, Windows 7 or 8

Distributor: The Electric Quilt Company

System Requirements

  • Windows XP® or Vista® or Windows 7®
  • 100 MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Compatible with EQ6 (but not required)
  • No other software is needed. EQ6 Compatible - Link to EQ6 or EQ7 to use on your quilt designs. Or modify in EQ6 or EQ7. Download an EQ6 project, or an EQ7 project with 10 free quilting stencils from this new CD

Quilting Designs
The Quiltmaker Collection Volume 8
Overview provided by The Electric Quilt Company

What is included with Quiltmaker Volume 8?

This volume includes over 500 amazing quilting designs to print at any size. Volume 8 features hundreds of continuous blocks and borders

For more creative fun, print various designs, then combine and repeat them on your quilts, resulting in your own innovative quilting patterns. Helpful design instructions on positioning motifs are included.

Using the designs on this CD is a snap.

  • Browse through the collection, find the design you want, then specify the size - any size at all.
  • Then print. Easily custom-size these designs to precisely fit borders, blocks, and sashes for every quilt you make.
  • Includes 10 Quilting Videos Videos show how to use your printouts for tracing, pouncing and other quilt marking methods.
  • NOTE: Permission to use the designs is granted for personal and professional purposes, as well as permission to digitize the designs for use in a computerized quilting system. Digitizing these designs for sale and mass production of these designs is prohibited.