sakura pen touch white opaque ink markers

Sakura Pen-Touch White Opaque Ink Markers, 3 sizes (.07-1.0-2.0 mm) NOTE: Add to Basket & Select Size

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Pen-Touch Metallic Opaque Ink Marker
White Opaque Permanent Ink
Available in three sizes

  1. Extra Fine Point 0.7 mm
  2. Fine Point 1.0 mm
  3. Medium Point 2.0 mm

:This marker draws a white opaque line on dark surfaces, and is most opaque on non-porous surfaces or coated paper stock. The special ink formula is free-flowing, so it won't clog the nib. Additionally, the ink is quick drying and permanent on most surfaces.


  • Suitable for writing on porous surfaces fabric, glass, wood, porcelain, plastic, metal, and paper
  • Invitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Memos and letters
  • Name cards and signs
  • Gift tags
  • Pottery
  • Rich opaque results

Technical Qualities

  • Metallic ink (white)
  • Rich opaque results
  • Permanent adherence to most surfaces
  • Low odor and xylene free
  • Meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standard
  • Three point sizes available

Point sizes

  • Extra Fine Point 0.7 mm
  • Fine Point 1.0 mm
  • Medium Point 2.0 mm

Pen-Touch Metallic White Opaque Ink Markers
By Sakura

Pen-Touch Metallic Ink Markers by Sakura has rich ink which lays down exciting impressions on most papers and many non-porous surfaces. Ideal for creating invitations and greeting cards, craft projects, designs on glass, wood, porcelain, plastic and metal.

Pen-Touch Metallic Ink Markers is also exceptional for scrapbooking, journaling, signs, name cards, and other personalized projects.

Pen-Touch Metallic Ink Markers allows for permanent adherence to most surfaces and is low-odor and xylene-free.

Pen-Touch Metallic Ink Markers add the professional touch to many craft projects and are available in three line widths, extra fine 0.7 mm, fine 1.0 mm, and medium 2.0 mm.