sepia pigma micron fine line pen
SEPIA Pigma Micron Fine Line Pen: Select Size  01/.25mm, 05/.45mm

SEPIA Pigma Micron Fine Line Pen: Select Size 01/.25mm, 05/.45mm

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Pigma® Micron® fine tip & graphic point pens make your writing appear delicate and special. Used for Zentangle, memory albums, decorative painting, quilt embellishments, scrapbooks, doll face drawing, marking kid's clothes, graphics, drafting and illustrating. Frequently used to "fill-in" the missing lines of those imperfect stamp impressions. Water proof, archival, fade resistant, ph neutral, ideal for acid-free environments.


  • When accuracy, minute details, and preservation count, the unparalleled archival quality of Pigma Micron pens makes them everyone's first choice.
  • Artist, writers, and illustrators reach for Pigma Micron and know their work is safeguarded with the permanence of Pigma ink.
  • The first disposable technical pen using archival pigmented ink, Pigma Micron ink pen is selected for fine-point technical and artistic applications.


  • Graphic art
  • Scrapbook
  • Archival recording
  • Pen and ink illustrations
  • Freehand art
  • Rubber stamps
  • Cartooning
  • Fabric design* *Please note - the inks on fabrics are for "decorative purposes only" - meaning do not launder. Use on pre-laundered textile, 100% cotton. And most importantly, to pre-test on material scraps prior to final application.

Technical qualities

  • Archival quality Pigma® ink
  • Six point sizes
  • Will not smear or feather when dry
  • Waterproof, alcohol proof, and chemical proof
  • Fade resistant
  • pH neutral
  • Ideal for acid-free environment
  • Does not bleed through most papers
  • Meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standard
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin