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Set N Mini Geometrics Perfect Patchwork Template Set by Marti Michell

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Set N: Mini Geometrics (5) Perfect Patchwork Templates Cut 6 shapes based on 1" and 3/4" Hexagon

  • Small diamond that can be used to make an 3 5/8" eight-pointed star in Volume 3.
  • And the little 3/4" hexagon side and its 60-degree triangle can be integrated with the hexagon family in Set G and H, too. (See Vol. 6 Six is for Hexagons.)
  • 5 Pieces for Cutting 6 Shapes
  • Perfect for 3" to 8" (7.6 cm to 20.3 cm) blocks. Use alone or coordinate with other sets.
  • The shapes work independently and with other sets of Perfect Patchwork Templates. For example, with templates 79, 80 and 81 there are 22 blocks in Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks that can be made. However, all 69 blocks can be made in 3", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6" and 8" sizes by incorporating some of the smaller pieces in Sets A or B with Set N templates.
  • See t he Super Miniature Package below.

Mfg: From Marti Michell


Use the economical quilt books to find traditional blocks, The Perfect Patchwork System, Volume 1 - 2: Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks. Marti Michell has created coordinated Template sets for each book. Find out how easy it is to combine the versatility of Perfect Patchwork Templates (Sets E, L & M) ) into 100's of patchwork block patterns! See below!

Marti Michell's Perfect Patchwork Systems Templates won the Best New Product Award with the first 4 sets of templates A-D. In 2004 Marti was named the 2004 recipient of the Silver Star Award, The award is presented annually to "a living person whose body of work has positively influenced, promoted and developed the art of quilting."


Use with Volume 4. Find 109 blocks

  • 6 templates.
  • Makes 7x7 patch blocks, sized 12" blocks and other sizes.
  • Marti was thinking "12-inch sampler blocks" when she developed Sets L and M.
  • Use with Volume 4, Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks for 7x7 patch and 5x5 patch blocks.

MFG: From Marti Michell